Transient rentals
Short-term rentals

Transient renting made a comeback
Suite-hotel companies
Airbnb & competitors
Airbnb & condos
Why so popular?
The short-term rental burden on a condo corporation

Gun fight—300 Front St. W
Condo owner discovers her unit listed on Airbnb—300 Front St. W
$21K worth of items & ID stolen by Airbnb guests
Hidden camera in condo unit
Entertainment District: Airbnb—Hidden camera in a clock
Condo boards fighting back
An important legal victory for Canadian condos
Tenant turned Airbnb proprietor becomes landlord’s nightmare
Owners battle rental companies for condo board control
Company defends right to rent condos on Airbnb
Airbnb ban? Not likely to happen, councillors say
Condo concierges face off against tourists, partiers in Airbnb war
Owner shocked her condo was being sublet on Airbnb (plus bedbugs)
How to fix Toronto's short-term rental problems in 2017
Neptune condominiums signs agreement with Airbnb

Quebec's success with short-term rentals

British Columbia
Most Vancouver Airbnb hosts are commercial units
Vancouver condo owners upset by prolific AirBnb hosts
What can be done about short-term renter parties?
High noon at the Oasis: B.C. Airbnb hostel battle erupts into open

Fighting illegal short-term rentals
Monitoring services help catch short-term rentals
Preventing overcrowding & short term rentals

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