Taiwan’s smog-eating twisting tower will feature luxury apartments—take a look inside
Business Insider—Australia
Leanna Garfield
25 April 2017

The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower by Vincent Callebut Architectures in Taipei, Taiwan.

A twisting, smog-eating tower is going up in Taipei, Taiwan.

On the outside, 23,000 trees and shrubs—nearly the same amount found in New York’s Central Park—will fill the skyscraper’s facade, roof, and balconies. And inside, it will feature 40 luxury condos.

The plants will absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year—the equivalent of about 27 cars, lead designer Vincent Callebut tells Business Insider.

Called the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower, it’s set to open by September 2017.

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