Employees charged with stealing from homeowners

We have property management and directors stealing from the homeowners and we also have bookkeepers and employees treating their employer as a honey pot.

Woman suspected of defrauding HOA
Hammocks Community Association Employees Charged In Thefts
Bookkeeper illegally spent $94,000 on hotels, ring, purses, more

Woman suspected of defrauding HOA
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By Austin L. Miller   Staff writer
28 April 2016

Debby Lee Underwood

A former bookkeeper is accused of defrauding the Kingsland Ocala Waterway Homeowners Association out of more than $11,000 over four years.

Debby Lee Underwood, 44, of Ocala, was arrested Wednesday on a fraud charge, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office. She was booked into the jail at 5:13 p.m. and released at 12:35 a.m. Thursday on a $2,000 bond.

She could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

In late January, a sheriff's deputy went to 7500 SW 61st Ave. after receiving a call about a fraud. He talked with the office manager for Kingsland Ocala Waterway Homeowners Association. The woman said she had been reviewing bank deposits from 2014 and discovered that deposits made by Underwood were in inaccurate. The woman said she was still reviewing the documents and would call again when she was finished.

Detective Craig Evans got the call last month, according to his report. The office manager had documents that she believed showed Underwood defrauding the association.

As a bookkeeper, Underwood was responsible for collecting dues. Some homeowners would pay in cash, the office manager said, and Underwood would write a deposit and place the funds in petty cash, which was not authorized.

Underwood's deposits were never audited

The problem went unnoticed, the woman said, because Underwood's deposits were never audited. Underwood wrote the deposit slips, and when the reports were reviewed the money appeared to be there, the officer said. No one checked the actual deposits.

The woman said Underwood would write fraudulent deposits slips showing money was transferred from petty cash to the bank account. However, she said, bank records did not show the money being deposited into the bank.

The woman told Evans Underwood would receive the mail and was responsible for depositing checks from title companies. Underwood, she said, would write the deposit slip for the checks but would not write the correct amount on the slip.

For example, on Feb. 17, 2011, Underwood deposited several checks into the bank, according to the detective's report. One of the deposit slips showed a check for $344.41, though it was actually for $494.41, a difference of $150. Another check was listed as $401.79 but was actually for $501.79, a $100 difference.

The office manager told Evans the deposits are kept on a program called QuickBooks and, if anyone had later made changes, that would show up on the deposit records.

Underwood stole $11,474.46

After reviewing all the homeowners association files and the checks that Underwood filed, the office manager concluded the fraud was committed from Aug. 17, 2010, through Sept. 10, 2014, and that Underwood stole $11,474.46 from the Homeowners association, according Evans' report.

The detective collected the documentation. On Wednesday, Underwood went to the Southwest District Office, but told Evans she has an attorney and declined to talk.


Hammocks Community Association Employees Charged In Thefts
Miami-Dade State Attorney
08 November 2016

Hammocks Community Association (HCA) employee Angie Rose Lantigua and former employee Leslie Navarro have both been charged after an investigation revealed that they had diverted $148,050.17 of HCA funds into accounts that they personally controlled. Angie Rose Lantigua was employed by HCA as the Accounts Receivable clerk between 2010 and late 2015. Leslie Navarro was employed as the Accounts Payable Clerk by HCA between 2008 and late 2015.

By creating a bank account utilizing the name “Hammocks Community Association Properties, LLC”, Leslie Navarro was able to redirect HCA funds ($148,050.17) to an account over which she had sole control. The investigation of this bank account revealed that $54, 500 was later wire-transferred to Ms. Lantigua’s personal bank account.

Leslie Navarro has been charged with:
1 count     Organized Scheme to Defraud     1st Degree Felony
1 count     Grand Theft                                 1st Degree Felony

Angie Rose Lantigua has been charged with:
1 count     Organized Scheme to Defraud       1st Degree Felony
1 count     Grand Theft                                    2nd Degree Felony

“Sadly, these two trusted employees of the Hammocks Community Association have allegedly used that trust as a tool to enrich themselves,” stated Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. “Homeowners who followed all the rules and paid their community fees should not be victimized.

The Miami Dade Police Department and my prosecutors are committed to investigating and convicting those individuals who would use Homeowners Association and Condominium Association funds as their own personal wallets.”


HOA worker illegally spent $94,000 on hotels, ring, purses, more
Palm Beach Post
By Tony Doris
04 January 2016

Kristine K. Moore

The bookkeeper for a suburban West Palm Beach homeowners association has been arrested for allegedly using nearly $95,000 of the association’s money for personal expenses from a $2,138 diamond ring to an $804 purse.

Kristine K. Moore, 36, of West Palm Beach, was charged Dec. 29 with larceny and fraud in the disappearance of $94,674 from the master homeowners association of Cypress Lakes, a 1,000-home, 55-plus community off Haverhill Road, just north of Century Village. She was released on $20,000 bond the next day.

reviewed the association’s credit card bills, missing cash

According to a police affidavit, in April 2014, the association’s property manager reviewed the association’s credit card bills and called police after discovering about $10,700 in charges for personal purchases between November 2013 and March 2014. A further review indicated much larger losses, not just from association credit cards but in missing cash deposits that homeowners had made.

The dozens of credit card purchases included nearly $3,000 spent at electronics store Best Buy, $8,000 at Walmart and Walmart.com, and thousands more from such places as Springhill Suites, Supercuts, Sprint Wireless, Publix, K Star Diamond & Jewelry and Victoria’s Secret. There was perfume, an engagement ring, air freshener, hotel bills from Hampton Inn and Best Western, a cell phone and 46 cell phone cases and Louis Vuitton purse.

Merrill Gottlieb, president of the homeowners association, said Wednesday that Moore worked in the community for nearly six years. She was earning about $44,000 a year, the police report said.

using its money for personal expenditures since 2011

A preliminary accounting review by the association indicated Moore had been using its money for personal expenditures since 2011 and doctored the books to make it appear all was well, the report said. On March 26, 2014, while the property manager was in the office within earshot of her, discussing with an accountant the discovery of serious discrepancies in association bank records, Moore picked up her belongings and left, never to return, the report said.

Gottlieb said he could not speak about the case. “We’ve cooperated with law enforcement on this and law enforcement has been helpful to us,” he said.

Where the money went
Some of the retailers where Moore allegedly spent money:
Walmart: $5,913.77
Best Buy: $2,947.84
Google: $3,134.08
Marshalls: $2,530.31
Amazon Marketplace: $2,526.97
Sprint Wireless: $2,316.51
Walmart.com: $2,125.83
Kohl’s: $1,797.67
Priceline Hotels: $1,750.42
Facebook.com: $1,637.00
Amazon.com: $1,551.27
Verizon: $1,434.79
Publix: $1,378.48
CVS Pharmacy: $1,302.40
Springhill Suites, Boca Raton: $1,138.86
Apple itunes: $1,099.63

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