Nazi-loving property manager busted for stalking, harassment
New York Post
By Stephanie Pagones and Max Jaeger
03 September 2017

Neal Milano    Photo: Wayne Carrington

The Queens property manager who terrorized his tenants with images of despots such as Hitler and Mussolini has been arrested.

Cops collared Neal Milano at 2:20 p.m. Sunday in the Sunnyside condo property he manages and charged him with stalking and harassment, according to police.

Milano, 70, is accused of repeatedly following a 43-year-old woman and also grabbing her in a July incident, police said. Authorities will take away his gun permits and potential weapons, according to an NY1 report.

Residents say Milano is a bully who made living in the building particularly terrifying by posting a hodgepodge of uber-patriotic posters, as well as Confederate flags and images of Hitler giving a Nazi salute next to a swastika flag.

Similarly, the building’s directory lists Nazi war criminals Rudolf Hess and Josef Mengele as tenants, though they do not live there.

The state attorney general, NYPD, and city commission on Human Rights are running separate investigations into the off-color decorations.

The arrest has nothing to do with the controversial imagery, police said

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