Feeling very much alone

Once legal proceedings start, the owner that is fighting the board may receive very little comfort from his neighbours.

Ignore the hype about condos being a caring community. Far too often there is little sense of belonging to a neighbourhood. Many people do not know most people who live on their floor, let alone in the rest of the building.

If you have a dispute with your board, and it is an issue that just affects you, most likely you will find that few will be aware of it and the majority of those that do won't care.

Once it becomes knowledge that there is a lawsuit that tarnishes the Status Certificates making it harder to sell the units, you may find that some of the owners will shun you.

Trying to get other owners interested in your dispute can be difficult even if in the future, they may be the ones targeted by the board.

If you have a disability and need the corporation to pay for ramps and automatic door openers, many owners will resent paying for it and wonder why don't you move elsewhere or pay for these upgrades yourself.

If the board levies a Special Assessment to pay the corporation's legal fees in their fight against you, some owners will turn on you.

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