Condominium Authority Tribunal regulations (CAT)

This release of draft regulations contained only three pages. I write on what I think is important to condo owners.

Scope of disputes
The proposed regulations would provide that corporations, owners, and mortgagees may apply to the Condominium Authority Tribunal only for the resolution of disputes regarding owners and potential purchasers being allowed to examine the condo corporation records.

It is anticipated that these proposed changes would come into force in fall 2017.

If the Condominium Authority Tribunal will start off only hearing disputes over access to a condo corporation records, although this is undoubtedly a big problem, Small Claims Court can do a good job hearing these issues. Small Claims is both cheap and  fast.

I contend that the Ministry should have had CAT hear issues that have some meat on the bone such as:
1. Condos refusing to hold owner meetings.
2. Condo election fraud.
3. Conflicts of Interest (directors and managers)

No information was given on the mechanics on how the process will work.

Publication of orders
The proposed regulations would provide that any order the Tribunal makes shall be made available to the public without charge on the Internet in a searchable database.

 In making its orders public, the Tribunal would not be able to disclose the following personal information:
The name of an individual,
The unit number and street number from an individual’s address,
Other personal information if the information could reasonably lead to the identification of an individual,
unless the above information identifies the individual in a business, professional or official capacity.

It is anticipated that these changes would come into force in fall 2017.

Transparency in Ontario's condo world takes another kick in the ass.

I don't understand why the names of individuals will kept secret. This is open information in Small Claim judgments, Human Rights Tribunal and in the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal.

Does this mean that the names of the directors along with the names of the owners will not be disclosed? Will the condo's corporation number be hidden too? What about the names of the property managers?

If all of this important information is hidden, then what use will the publishing of this information be to the public? What good would it be to potential purchasers?

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