Election fraud in the board room?

Confidence games are not limited to the three-shell street confidence games on big city streets, they can also occur at condo board meetings.

A reader informed me that after a very bitter election battle at an AGM where an incumbent director was defeated, the new board held its first meeting.

One of the first items on the agenda was the election of a new president. There were two candidates.

The property manager states that the election will be by secret vote and she hands out five pieces of paper. Once they were filled in, she collects the papers, turns her back to the directors, looks at the ballots and then rips them up into little pieces, turns around and announces who won the election.

That the directors allowed her to act as the Chair of the meeting when she had clear interest in who would be elected shows the lack of knowledge and courage that directors require.

How do these managers get away with this BS?

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