Demand personal information

One of Ontario's largest condo management company issued this form prior to an AGM. All candidates wishing to run for election for a position on the board of directors needed to fill it out.

The filled out forms were distributed with the completed candidates election sheet to all of the owners.

Why do the candidates have to fill out:
1. Their full legal name?
2. Their address?
3. Their e-mail address?
4. Their date of birth?
5. Occupation?
6. Why a photograph?

Why did the management company send all of the filled out nomination forms to all of the owners? One woman included her photo, birth date, her unit number and e-mail address. (Most of the other candidates were smart enough to ignore the request for a birth date.)

Privacy issues
The requesting and publishing this information violated the candidates' privacy and I would think is a violation of their rights.

Will the condo corporation and management company be legally at risk if any, or all, candidates start getting a flood of junk e-mail? How about hate mail?

Discourage candidates
Is it not possible such snooping would have discouraged candidates from running? Would not the publishing of this private information discourage future candidates? I would certainly think it would be likely.

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