Elevator entrapment
“If you die in an elevator, be sure to push all the Up buttons.
—Sam Levenson

If you get trapped in an elevator:
Use the emergency button in the elevator to call the front desk or security.

In this example, it is the bottom right hand button that says HELP.
If no one responds to the emergency phone, call someone using a cellphone if possible. Otherwise wait until you hear someone and yell out that you are stuck in the elevator and ask them to inform security or management.
Tell the employee on duty that there is an elevator entrapment. Tell him how many people are in the elevator and on which floor, if you know, you are trapped.
The employee will phone the elevator company and have a technician dispatched to your building. It may take one or more hours for someone to arrive.
Do not panic or get upset. Stay calm. It may help to sit down on the floor and wait it out.
Do not attempt to pull open the doors.

Do not try to climb out of an elevator that is stuck between floors.
If someone needs medical help or has claustrophobia, inform  the front desk employee. The fire department can open an elevator. However, they may damage the elevator doors while opening them so they should be called only in case of a medical emergency.

Getting trapped in an elevator is like getting stuck in a traffic-jam. It is another  hassle of modern life so relax. Take it easy and stay calm.

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