Periodic Information Certificate (PIC)
The peridic Information Certificate is designed to provide the condominium corporation's owners with detail information about the health, finances and governance of the corporation. This certificate will have to contain information such as:

the name and address of the property management company;

the name of the corporation's directors;

the number of rented units;

whether the corporation has adopted a policy on electronic communication;

information on the financial status of the corporation and on its reserve fund;

whether the corporation has paid its CAO assessment fee;

information related to corporation's insurance;

information on the corporation’s standard unit, if any;

information about any judgement requiring the corporation to pay damages, compensation or costs and, if so, the amount of it; and,

any other information required under a by-law adopted by the corporation.

Finally, note that the corporation has to attach to the PIC a copy of any disclosure given by directors within the current fiscal year.

The PIC forms
Condo corporations must use the form prescribed by the Ministry.
the form

Who recieves a PIC
PICs only get sent to the owners.

Frequency & timing
A PIC has to be sent out twice a year; within 60 days following the end of the first and of the third quarter of the corporation’s financial year.

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