“This place has too many rules. It's just like high school.”
—a young condo resident

New rules can be added and old ones modified or repealed by a majority vote of the board members. The rules shall be reasonable and consistent with the Act and the resolution passing the changes must be recorded in the meeting minutes.

The board must give notice of the change in the rules to the owners. The notice must state the date the rule will become effective and it must also state that the owners may requisition an owner’s meeting to vote on the change in the rules.

The change in rules should be mailed to the owners.

The owners need to pay attention to any changes to the rules as they could have a big impact on their enjoyment of their units or the common elements.

If they are opposed to the change in the rules, within 30 days of receiving the notice, a minimum of 15% of the owners must sign a petition requesting an owners’ meeting to discuss and vote on the change in the rules.

The owners may reject or amend the rule change by a majority vote at the owner's meeting, if one was requisitioned.

A rule or an amendment to a rule that has substantially the same purpose as a rule that the owners have previously amended or repealed within the preceding two years is not effective until the owners approve it at an owners meeting.

Owners can propose a rule
Owners can requisition a meeting to vote on a rule of their own (or to vote to amend or repeal an existing rule) even if it does not originate from the board.

The requisition must be supported by at least 15% of the registered owners.  If a quorum of 25% attends the meeting, in person or by proxy, the rule proposed by owners will be adopted if a majority of the owners participating in the meeting agree.

Joint rules
If the condo corporation is part of a shared facilities corporation, the owners and residents are bound by the Joint Rules.

The process for adding or amending existing Joint Rules is the essentially the same as for a corporation's rules.

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