How big is your pocketbook?

The easiest and surest way of segregating people in our society is by income. If you want to keep lower income people out of your neighbourhood, all you need to do is build expensive housing.

Economics takes care of the details.

It is the same with condos. If the units are expensive and the condo has high monthly common expenses, the lower income buyers can't afford to live there.

Developers know this so they build developments that are designed for purchasers who have different income levels.

It is like General Motors having five different makes of cars in the 1940-80's all marketed to people with different income levels.
the rich and successful
doctors, lawyers, accountants
middle-level managers
skilled trades, supervisors
working class
used cars
low-income earners

All housing, including residential condos, operate on the same marketing principals.

A new twist

Some new developments don't follow this model for the very high towers. Instead of building a tower for one specific income goup, they put low-cost micro-units on the lower floors, put expensive units above them and then have multi-million dollar units on the top floors.

It is like flying on a commercial airliner. The rich are in First Class, those on expense accounts are flying Business Class and the working classes are in Economy.

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