Rebels are not welcome

Owners and residents should not run afoul of the board by deliberatly violating the Condo Act or the condo's declaration, by-laws and rules.

The nail that sticks up, will get hammered down.

Some residents figure that they can play their music loudly, smoke grass in the staircases and park a second car in the visitor's parking area. Their dog can bark every time someone walks by their front door and can urinate in the elevator. If their neighbours don't like it; well, that is too bad for them.

No barbecues allowed? Well then they'll smuggle their propane tank up to their unit through the lobby and up the elevator in a baby stroller. Too bad if the neighbours freak out at the smell of their BBQ burgers.

A few new owners move into their units and immediately start major renovations. They cut into the concrete floor to move a toilet drain, knock down and move walls and re-wire their unit without informing the board, let alone getting their approval in writing.

Then they figure they will dump all of their waste into the condo's garbage bins instead of paying for their own bin.

Other owners are confrontational. They yell and swear at the manager, the security staff and cleaners. They dump garbage down the chute at all hours and throw their cigarette butts off their balcony.

Many condo residents are intolerant of such antics. They'll complain to the board and the offender may find that the board is quick to sic the condo lawyer on him or her and that fighting the board becomes very expensive very quickly.

So if you hate following rules and like the liberty to do your own thing, whatever that is, then condo life is definitely not for you.

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