How it got its 3rd bedroom

A MLS listing for a 2+1 condo unit that sold in Mississauga in September 2014 caught my eye.

I am familiar with that older two-building condo and I was puzzled by the listing calling it a 2+1 bedroom unit as I know that those two buildings have just two and three bedroom units.

A closer look at the listing shows how this two-bedroom unit became a three-bedroom unit.

The owner enclosed his balcony and made it into a third bedroom. Most likely, the owner had taken in a roomer, or a boarder and the new purchaser may be planning the same.

The declaration for this condo corporation states that it is for single-family use only. Obviously, that is being ignored.

This too bad as for its first ten years, it was a very nice building with high standards. It has obviously slipped a little down-market since then.

Another condo with bedrooms in some of their enclosed balconies

Other renovations
A couple of years ago, a listing for a unit in an older condo in Agincourt, also said that it was a 2+1 bedroom unit. It went on to say that the living room had been converted into a third bedroom but it could be easily converted back to a living room.

The board in that condo also ignores boarders and roomers in the units. However, it does have some standards; the living room can be converted into a bedroom but it cannot be converted into two bed-sits. It also does not allow any balconies to be enclosed.

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