The district manager

The management company will assign a district manager to supervise the property manager's work, insure that the back room operations are working well and work with the board if they have any complaints with the management's company's service.

The district manager is the property manager's supervisor and is responsible to monitor the manager's performance. The last thing a management company wants is a rogue manager.

He has to make sure that the board is satisfied with the management company and that they are not considering terminating the contract. (That is always the overriding concern.)

The district manager will be involved with the awarding of major contracts and usually will attend owner meetings and the odd board meeting to get a feel of how the board and the manager are performing.

The district manager will also want to know if there are any major splits in the board and if the owners are, in the main, satisfied with the manager's and the board's performance. If the majority of owners dislike the manager or if the majority of the directors may get removed in an election, the management company could lose the contract.

Helping the board
If there are any major breakdowns, unexpected major repairs required or financial issues, the district manager will assist the manager and the board in getting through these difficulties.

When the need arises, the district manager can advise the board on which contractors, auditors and law firms that they should hire and can help in the hiring of a new superintendents and the selection of cleaning companies, security firms and other suppliers.

The district manager will attend the AGMs. Sometimes he chairs them and at other times he runs the registration desk.

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