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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.
 Everything else is public relations."
—George Orwell


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28 January 2019

Extreme cold is freezing water pipes in Toronto homes
Toronto Press Release:
During the cold weather earlier this week, the City responded to more than 200 calls from residents who had no water. More than 90 per cent of these calls were due to frozen pipes on private property. With forecasted nighttime temperatures dropping well below minus 10 degrees Celsius for the next few weeks, the City urges residents to take necessary precautions. Frozen water pipes can lead to significant property damage should they burst, resulting in no water for several days, depending on the severity of the repairs.

Toronto developer seeking creditor protection leaves condo buyers in limbo
A Toronto-area real estate development company that in recent months has cancelled two condominium projects has filed for court protection from its creditors after failing to make payments on about $220-million in debt obligations. The fate of two more condo projects, one completed but not closed and one at least partially presold to buyers, remains undetermined.

Condominium obligations to report energy and water use
Ontario: The energy and water reporting obligations have now transferred to a regulation under the Electricity Act, that came into force on 01 January 2019.

Urban planners push condos, but families want detached houses (Canada)
In short, the overwhelming majority of Canadian families (more than 80%) would prefer to own a single family home. But many have purchased condos and attached houses, simply because it’s the only type of home they can afford to own.

Tenants overstepping space – What to do?
First step is don’t wait! Don’t be nice! Document it immediately and let them know the space is NOT THEIRS TO USE.

Ryerson Students' Union under pressure to explain 'baffling' $250K credit card bill
Credit card statement includes purchases at the LCBO, a shisha lounge and Casino Rama.

Elderly Florida man accused of trying to kill 'all the f--king Jews' in his condo building filled his home with Nazi souvenirs
Stolper, who is 73, is charged with attempted murder after investigators found gasoline and explosive materials in his storage unit in July. He was angry that he was going to be evicted from his home, according to authorities, and had said he was going to "burn down the building with "all the f--king Jews."

Strata (condo) technology and the 21st century
In arguing the benefits of electronic voting in condos the author writes:
Too often people think that strata meetings are about debate. Yes, a debate can be really useful as a means of resolving common property issues. But we don’t live in that society anymore; we live in a society where people polarise their views and don’t want to hear the views of another. Hence, if this is the state of play, what is the benefit of a debate?
Well, if condo owners don't want to hear the views of others, then I have to wonder what are they doing buying a condo unit?

Crime warning for short-stay rentals over Australia Day weekend
Archers the Strata Professionals said that thieves are deliberately targeting short-stay facilities through operators like Airbnb and Stayz.
“Of even more concern is a crime trend that has emerged around Australia, with thieves booking short-term accommodation during long weekends, major sporting events and concerts,” said partner Grant Mifsud.
“They take advantage of the situation to commit burglaries on unattended neighbouring units while holidaymakers are out having fun. Strata properties can be vulnerable to these crimes, particularly when there is no on-site security.”

Condo News
17 January 2019

Man in 20s seriously injured after shooting at CityPlace highrise

John Hanley/CBC)

A man in his 20s has been rushed to a trauma centre following a shooting at the CityPlace highrise complex.
Toronto police were called to the Bathurst Street and Fort York Boulevard area just before 9 p.m. for reports of shots fired.

Bullets fly in Toronto: Man with criminal past killed, two others hurt in three shootings
Toronto: Three shootings, two of them in condos; one in Scarborough & the other at CityPlace. The CityPlace shooting may have occurred at a short-term rental unit.

Developer behind cancelled Icona condos applies to build similar project on the same site
Gupta Group, which cited financial reasons for Icona’s cancellation, has applied to build a nearly identical development at the same site at Highway 7 and Edgeley Blvd. near Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. But Icona buyers say a “restrictive covenant” prevents the developer from building residential units on the site — a restriction they say still exists.

Need proof TO is a world-class city?

This morning, at the Sheppard & Yonge McDonald's, across the street from the new tall luxury condo towers, a sophisticated diner is enjoying glasses of red wine with his breakfast sandwich. Fine dining at 7:30 am.

Toronto Airbnb suite

I guess the guest thinks a condo is like a hotel. Put your garbage & dirty glass outside your room and housekeeping will take care of it.

Top ten bedbug cities in Canada
Toronto is #1 and Scarborough is rated #10. Funny, I thought that Scarborough was part of Toronto.

Florida: Written complaint against neighbour not confidential
Essentially any written document related to the association is an “official record” of the association. Your letter to the board concerning your neighbor is an official record of the association.
In my opinion, when a condo resident complains to the board about another resident, the board should ask for it in writing.

What to do about frozen-out directors
California: I am skeptical of so-called “executive committees.” In your situation, it appears the majority is freezing out the other two directors and doing business in secret. If a board majority meets on HOA business, whether calling it an executive committee, “working meeting,” or coffee klatch, Civil Code 4090 says it is a “board meeting” and its activities must be in the open, with advance agenda notice to members.

Measure twice. Buy once. Never sue
It happens all the time in New York City. Someone buys an apartment relying, without further investigation, on statements made by a sales agent – and then learns, too late, that the statements were incorrect.

Banks won't lend for Opal Tower apartment buy as 16% loss is estimated
Owners of apartments in the Opal Tower at Olympic Park in Sydney Australia may have to wait at least two years before selling out and face losses of more than 16 per cent say valuers who have issued a lending alert on the building to their bank clients.

Condo News
12 January 2019

Frail senior should not be forced to carry dog in condo building
Gerry Hyman's latest condo law column in the Toronto Star.

Decision respecting smoking
Ontario court decision upholds the right for condos to ban smoking and then later to time-limit grandfathering by board passing a Rule.

A hell of a price for a tiny rental unit
For a whopping $1,900 a month, you can sublease all 277 square feet of this depressingly micro studio inside Karma Condos, one of the most expensive buildings in downtown Toronto.

There's $97M waiting for homeowners with Kitec plumbing. Why don't they claim it?
Condo owners: There is more than $97 million waiting to be claimed in a Kitec class-action settlement, but it seems Canadians are either unaware that money is available to pay to repair the plumbing or not interested in making a claim.

Burlington reaches $2-million settlement with condo owners
"This settlement brings closure to a long and difficult chapter for the residents of 2411 New St.," Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said in a news release Thursday.

Seven TTC buses

Seven TCC buses followed very close behind an eighth bus on Yonge St at Sheppard on a recent January Sunday morning. Bus drivers call this soaking. They get an easier run as they do not have to stop as often.
Passengers will have to wait a half-hour, or more, for the next bus. Great for the bus drivers but terrible for people waiting outside on a freezing winter morning.
This is why condo owners can't rely on the TTC & need a car or use Uber.

Association's treasurer accused of embezzlement
Virginia: A criminal complaint by Maxfield states that she embezzled over $500 from the property owner’s association each month from September 2017 through February 2018. He said over the phone that the amount embezzled each month, however, could have been much greater than $500.

There were four people on a Miami Beach condominium balcony. Then, it fell on a Chevy

A Miami Beach condominium balcony collapsed Sunday morning, sending four people to area hospitals.
The balcony plunged from the second floor of Dora Condo, a 42-year-old building at 8425 Harding Ave. A Chevrolet compact sedan broke the balcony’s fall.

Condo corporation says employee stole $100,000 over 14 years
Florida: NBC news video

Pennsylvania lawyer suspended from practicing law for two years
His client, a retired condo owner, was driven into bankruptcy by the lawyer's endless appeals.

Sydney Opal Tower: Residents forced to leave for second time

Hundreds of people have been told to leave a new Sydney condo tower block for a second time, after a crack appeared in its walls on Monday.

AirbnBS: Customers want the cheapest option
My experience has been that the only successful listings are the cheap ones. The reason for this is because Airbnb guests are inherent cheapskates.