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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.
 Everything else is public relations." —George Orwell

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Condo News
31 July 2017

Condo management companies strike partnership
Associa Maple Ridge Community Management (MRCM), a large community management firm that serves southwestern Ontario, announced that it has struck a strategic partnership with Harmony Management

Crossbridge Condominium Services
As of June 1st, 2017, Brookfield Condominium Services will be rebranded as Crossbridge Condominium Services.

Police release security video of Yorkville arson suspects
There are a lot of condos in this area. Security should be informed.

Ontario to roll out new rules for condo boards
Jayne Pilot's Comments at the bottom of the article are interesting. She is right, there is nothing in the new Act that will stop owners from facing the difficulties she went through.

Woman vacationing in Panama City Beach shoots mom and relative after argument
That is a vacation that the whole family will remember.

West Palm tile tussle: Woman, 79, livid over $2,100 condo assessment
79-year-old Mary Ellen Eykel and several like-minded residents attempted a sit-in over plans to swap out the old cream-colored hallway tiles for white ones, at a cost of $66,000.

Condo association ‘stunned’ by police chief’s claim of discrimination
Augusta Maine: Police Chief Robert Gregoire, who uses a wheelchair, alleged he was a victim of disability discrimination because his street was not plowed immediately after a big storm, but the Maine Human Rights Commission voted Monday to find no reasonable grounds for the complaint.

Glass condo building keeps brick fašade as “fence”
Chicago: Potemkin Villages & false fronts nothing new. But using an old building's brick wall as a fence?


Condo News
26 July 2017

Toronto condo lawyers change law firms
Audrey Loeb, along with Warren Kleiner, Patrick Greco and Megan Mackey, have left Miller Thomson LLP to join Shibley Righton LLP.

Jason Rivait left Lash Condo Law to return to Miller Thomson LLP.

Failure of downtown Hamilton condo project no surprise
The company behind the barely started 30-storey Connolly Tower has put the plan into receivership. The project is to be sold off in a bidding process, leaving the question of what will happen to contracts for condominiums which are about 75 per cent sold. The buyers' deposits should be safe.

Alberta condo law Q&A column
Robert Noce relies to condo legal questions in the Edmonton Journal.

Vancouver professional accountants caution condo buyers
Be careful when buying a pre-construction condo with only $5k down. In two-three years you have to be able to come up with the money.

Bowling alley approved for new condo building in North Vancouver
There will be a bowling alley & some pool tables under the residential units.

Court orders condo owners to sell following strata complaints
Forced sale follows previous court order for BC couple to stop uttering obscenities, threats at neighbours.

Soon they will be someone else's neighbours.

Singaporean couple in $52m divorce case
The 53-year-old housewife had filed for divorce last year in Canada.

Justice Fitzpatrick listed the large real estate portfolio at stake acquired over the years that included a large home in West Vancouver, a downtown Vancouver condominium unit and three other condo units elsewhere. There is also a ski chalet, a ranch, five properties in Singapore, in addition to the unit where the medical practice operates in Singapore.

"All told, the estimated value of these properties is C$50 million," she said.

Moths attacked actress’ expensive clothes in her luxury condo
Monique Zordan claims she returned home to her apartment at the luxury condo building 75 Wall Street only to find that moths had eaten all of her expensive clothes.

Milwaukee neighbors frustrated by dangerous dog
Pit bull allegedly tried to bite several people. Freely runs through condo common elements.

Residents-only restaurant to open at Oceana Bal Harbour
An exclusive restaurant that will serve residents and their guests at the Bal Harbour condominium is slated to open August 2017.

City officials: Condos ‘an imminent threat’ to safety
Panama City Beach says two condo buildings are dangerous. Units used for short-term rentals & wedding venues.

Palmer, Alaska woman indicted for allegedly defrauding homeowners’ association
Police said the loss of money was one factor that led the association to double its yearly fees for all of its 50 members.


Condo News
20 July 2017

Two people taken to hospital after Scarborough condo highrise fire
“There was an elderly couple on a second-floor balcony (who) were being exposed to smoke,” Toronto Fire Services Capt. David Eckerman said.

Firefighters brought the couple down to awaiting paramedics in the lobby.

Hoarding issues found after highrise fire, man has life-threatening injuries
News reports that some of the elevators in west-end tower were not working.

The Toronto developer, the Iranian fugitive and the bitter condo feud
Mr. Mizrahi, in his sworn statement, says the Khavari family and CSIS officials informed him in 2011 that the Iranian government was sending a “special force” to Toronto with the aim of spiriting the former banker back to Tehran.

Iranian officials have also reportedly raised his name in discussions related to Saren Azer, an Iranian-Canadian doctor who is accused of abducting his four children and fleeing to Iran. In May, two former federal officials working on the file told the Globe that Mr. Khavari had been mentioned in back channels with Iranian officials, suggesting there’s a deal to be made.

This has the makings of a future Hollywood blockbuster.

Many rejoicing in a rooming house becoming a condo
A local writer takes aim at Liberty Village residents who are glad that a neighbourhood rooming house will be replaced by another condo.

Liberty Village facing 'extreme child care crisis'
Possible solutions discussed at town hall meeting

3 Dead in Fire at Honolulu High-Rise With No Sprinklers

At least three people died and 12 were injured Friday in a fire at a Honolulu high-rise that was not equipped with sprinklers, authorities said, and hundreds fled the giant condominium complex as smoke billowed from the upper floors.

Fire sprinkler system considered too costly at Honolulu condo tower
The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported retrofitting the condo tower with a sprinkler system would have cost $4,305 per unit in 2005. The expense was deemed too costly at the time.

Think of today's price of installation. Then add the legal costs.

Estimated 40-50 units "total losses" following Marco Polo high-rise fire
Two floors still blocked off. The water remaining from fighting the fire will take a long time to remove and properly dry.

Girls attacked at hot tub in northern Michigan
The Leelanau County Sheriff's Office has arrested the alleged attacker on three counts of assault and battery.

Racist Airbnb host pays the price
An Airbnb host who barred an Asian woman from her property now faces a hefty fine.

Las Vegas realtors packing heat for protection against squatters
One piece of advice if you're selling or just purchased a home, make sure you do  not advertise the property is vacant with a "for sale" sign outside. Also, you should consider not publicly posting the address of the property on real estate websites.

Big foreigner tough guy challenges tiny condo security guard
Malaysia: Watch the short videos. These guards are conscientious and brave. I hope the condo residents gave them all a nice "Thank You" bonus.

E-mail from a reader
Re: Toronto woman finds out her condo key opens other units

Yes, it is common for one unit key to open multiple units.

But this is not common knowledge, however, because owners only discover this by fluke—how often do they try to open someone else's door?

You cannot allow owners to change their own locks (keys are theirs, the lock is the corporation usually) but you can easily get the property manager to ask the locksmith how many variations of the master are possible, and then to force the locksmith to a warranty/agreement, in writing, with the date, that all key replacements within the building are unique.

Always use the same locksmith, that way s/he is liable as of the date of the warranty/agreement. Emergency locksmiths are not easy to find.

Yes, we actually had people walk in on other people, too many short-cuts by the locksmith.

Donna—North York


Condo News
15 July 2017

Costs of Condo Authority of Ontario
My condo board budgeted $1,000 to pay the dollar a unit per month. The actual costs will be a lot higher than that once the cost of the new reports kick in. Then there will be the extra management and legal costs.

Despite guilty plea, TCH denies responsibility for fatal seniors' apartment fire
Toronto Community Housing (TCH) pleaded guilty Thursday to one charge laid by Toronto Fire Services, in connection with a fatal fire at a seniors’ apartment building last year. However, TCH is denying full responsibility for the fire.

This is a warning to all condos. Be sure you are following your safety plan.

Power restored for downtown Toronto residents after 9-hour outage
Power restored to thousands of CityPlace residents after the lights went out at seven condo towers.

Toronto woman finds out her condo key opens other units
A resident in an east-end apartment building was issued a master key that opens many of the building's units. Property manager says he wasn't told. Woman has e-mails that she claims she sent him.

Condominiums can be liable for dog attacks on common elements
The “occupier” (condo corporation) of premises owes a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that persons entering on the property are reasonably safe while on the premises.

Here's why urban gardening just got a whole lot easier
Toronto innovator takes micro-farming inside your apartment

Laval thieves make off with jewelry, electronics and a pug named Squishy
Thieves robbed three condo units and made off with a dog. There is a video showing the crooks & the dog.

Condo owners awarded $9M in suit against builder
Florida: "A key point making this landmark case particularly unique is that Hovnanian Enterprises was found guilty despite the massive network of subsidiaries that it used to try to shield itself from liability," said attorney John Cottle of Becker & Poliakoff. "This is a rare instance in which the 'corporate veil' was pierced."

The hottest hotel in town is an apartment building
San Diego: The frequency of vacation rentals at one downtown high-rise, the 46-story Pinnacle on the Park, led one Yelp user to joke it should be called “Hotel on the Park.”

Robbers use spare Airbnb key to steal $3K gown and laptop
New York City: Another robbery of a short-term rental unit.

Fire breaks out at Honolulu's Marco Polo condominium

A four-alarm fire broke out at the Marco Polo Apartments condominium tower in Honolulu near Waikiki Friday afternoon, destroying several units on a high floor of the tower.


Condo News
13  July 2017

Top News
Bank of Canada raised the overnight rate from 0.5% to 0.75%. This will have immediate affects for some mortgages and all HELOCs.

Multiple men sought following dumpster fires in downtown Toronto
It looks like a few vandals are engaged in a dangerous activity.

Ontario: Can my condo board prevent me from installing a sun shade to protect my skin?
If you've been diagnosed with a skin disease and need protect, then the Human Rights Code overrides the Condominium Act.

Ontario economy too dependent on housing ‘bubble,’ new study warns
Yes, residential construction, marketing, sales & taxes is what drives the Ontario economy. But since free-trade wiped out our manufacturing base, what else do we have?

Condo Balcony Fires
Balcony fires are getting more attention due to serious fires in Toronto, Alberta and in the United States. Boards need to address this issue.

Condo Questions
Robert Noce's Alberta condo law Q&A column.

Man carries wheelchair-bound man from burning condo
Frank Medici isn't a firefighter or first responder.

When he saw smoke coming from the roof from his neighbor's Yarmouth Lane condominium Wednesday afternoon, his instinct was to stop and make sure no one was still inside.

He ended up carrying a resident who uses a wheelchair to safety as smoke and flames quickly spread through the building.

Kelowna BC condo collapses in flames
Building under construction sets a second building on fire. Firefighters needed rescue from balcony.

Florida: Residents of old high-rise condos in Naples balk at fire prevention costs
They don't want to pay to make their condos safe but if they were burnt out, the survivors would be quick to sue the government for inaction.

In San Francisco, $160,000 gets you a storage locker
Got to admit it is a big locker.

The 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' reemerge in Shanghai as new, leafy residential project

Since "green" condos is the new fad, a condo under construction in Shanghai is leading the way.


Condo News
06  July 2017

Condo survey
Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) wants your feedback on its proposed fee schedule.

Monthly administration fee
They suggest a cost of $12 a year per voting unit.


Filling out the survey would take less than five minutes.

Cause of Kitchener condo fire that sent four to hospital still undetermined

Four units at a Kitchener townhouse complex were damaged after an early morning fire. (July 1, 2017)

The cheapest condos in downtown Toronto: Too good to be true?
David Fleming writes on why five condos are the cheapest in Toronto's downtown. It is the WHY that is so important.

Association pool shut down as dangerous to public health
A shared facility that needs a lot of work. So the municipality shuts it down. Not much of a selling feature.

Intense condo fire caused by propane tank or barbecue equipment

Firefighters battle a condominium fire in Chatsworth Tuesday, July 4, 2017. (Photo by Rick McClure)

Florida: $300,000 bond for intruder shot by woman during random attack at Tarpon Springs condo
It is likely that this 18 year-old has ruined his life because of this one stupid act. Check out his mug shot.