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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.
 Everything else is public relations."
—George Orwell

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25 October 2018

Unreleased City of Toronto draft reports urged council to stop risky ‘underinvestment’ in housing, transit
For three years, former city manager Peter Wallace warned the city was on the edge of a fiscal cliff:
• Not enough revenue.
• Raiding reserve funds
• Deferring costs into the future
All of this is risky and unsustainable.
Best part? Tory hide the manager's recommendations from city council and the taxpayers.
If you live in a condo, much of this may be familiar. Too many condos follow the same operating plan: the board keeps the fees low so they get re-elected and the condo starts to detoriate.

Balcony fire 19th Oct 2018
I saw this on the Internet:

This early this morning.

It was caused by a cigarette butt that ignited a balcony planter.

Our condo banned smoking cigarettes and cannibas on the balconies.

Smoke-free Apartments, Condos and Co-ops
City of Toronto states that 80% of Ontarians living in apartments, condominiums or housing co-ops want to live in a smoke-free building.

Condos approved for Scarborough's Woburn area at Markham and Brimorton
On this corner, a 34-storey mixed-use tower, containing 333 residential units, 2,180 square metres of commercial space and a four-storey underground garage will replace a commercial strip mall that has street-level parking.

Victoria’s Clean Team collects 600 used needles in a week
This week alone, the Downtown Victoria Business Association "Clean Team" collected 600 used needles — nearly the same amount they collected in all of 2006, the first year of the clean team program.
Even though there are still a few months left to 2018, this year has already almost doubled the number of used needles collected compared to last year. As of September, the clean team had recovered 5,002 needles compared to 3,271 in 2017. The amount of needles has been steadily increasing, spiking in 2016 with 4,647 needles, because of the tent city demonstration, Caunter said.
The business association is paying to clean up the public areas around their businesses because municipal street cleaning is not adequate.

Property manager admits to defrauding Charleston communities of $700K
Karen Colie, who owned Marshland Communities, a property management company in South Carolina pleaded guilty to wire fraud and faces a sentence of up to 20 years behind bars and a $250,000 fine.
Karen Colie is the author of one of my all-time favourite condo quotes:
"I only took money from the ones I could get away with."
—Karen Colie

Host or Hoax? Meet Nadia . . .
An anonymous host, or hosts, using a stock photo and using the name Nadia has roughly 600 units listed on Airbnb.
When some travelers posted reviews of these properties, they are invited to rent some of the other 575 Airbnb sites when they visit Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago or New York.
This secretive host may soon be renting more units than the Holiday Inn.

NSW: Confirmed! The Tribunal will overrule strata pet bans
New South Wales: No more strata (condo) pet bans! The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal has confirmed it will invalidate strata by-laws that place a blanket prohibition on the keeping of animals in a building.

Condo News
21 October 2018

Ontario's Human Rights Commission releases guidelines on how to balance rights around pot legalization
As a recreational cannabis user, you have no rights under the Human Rights code. The policy statement strictly applies to medicinal marijuana users, anyone who has an addiction to marijuana, and people who are affected by cannabis smoke or vapour.

‘Very dangerous process’: Brampton fire warns of pot fire hazards
He said there was a 50% increase in house explosions after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use.

Precision Tree Care Ltd. vs PCC No. 507
A contractor is awarded a contract with a bid of $11,780 and then bills the condo for $163,369.75. (That is quite the jump.) The contractor claims that the property manager verbally agreed for him to provide extra work.
The application will proceed to trial.

Toronto News Report 17 October 2018

Another water main break in Toronto. Not only do they disrupt traffic but they flood buildings.

Of course there are a lot of cars down there. Where else would the residents of a downtown condo park their cars?
What's more, it is very likely that the elevators are out of service. The building's electrical transformer may also have been flooded.
Reply from Tony Smyth
Replying to @condo_madness
No power at all in building.

For some, buying a presale condo is a gamble
This headline from the Globe and Mail is misleading. It should read buying a presale condo is always a gamble. Most potential buyers win and some, as in this case, lose.

Couple in power struggle with condo board over electric vehicle charge
Calgary: Condo board added $33 a month to their bill to cover cost of electricity.

Vancouver woman angry over multiple Airbnb suites in her apartment complex
A Vancouver woman frustrated with multiple Airbnb suites in her East Vancouver apartment building wants the city to hold the operator accountable once it begins enforcement on Sept. 1.
Ulrike Rodrigues said her 60-unit Fairfax building in Mount Pleasant had been “infested” with Airbnb listings owned by realtor Zul Jiwa, who has nine listings at the Fairfax, making up 15% of all the building’s suites.
The core issue is that there is far more money to be had by short-term renting a condo unit than there is in leasing it. So unless the economics change, short-term rentals are not going to disappear.

Unwelcomed access: Snowbirds, look who’s in your condo while you’re away
A lot of condo owners worry about unauthorized entry into their units when they are away. Best way to prevent this? Buy a surveillance camera that records entries & alerts you to issues by the Internet.

Flying car launch pad to be built on North Fremantle apartment block
Work will begin next month on Australia’s first residential apartment block to include a vertical take-off and landing space to accommodate flying taxis and delivery drones.

Couple discover hidden camera in their rented Beijing apartment
Turns out, somebody is always watching you, This can happen anywhere in the world.

Condo News
14 October 2018

News Release - Toronto Fire Services launches advertising campaign in Parkdale encouraging smokers to stop tossing cigarette butts

October 1, 2018
Toronto Fire Services launches advertising campaign in Parkdale encouraging smokers to stop tossing cigarette butts
Toronto Fire Services today launched an advertising and public education campaign aimed at encouraging smokers in Parkdale to stop tossing their cigarette butts.
Data shows that Parkdale, over a five-year period, had more fires started from careless smoking than any other area of Toronto. Many of these fires occurred on balconies as a result of tenants discarding their lit cigarette butts by throwing them from their balconies.
The campaign includes transit shelter posters, restobar (combined restaurant and bar) ads, posters on construction hoarding sites in the Parkdale neighbourhood, as well as geo-targeted social media and features two themes. The first campaign design depicts a hand holding a lit cigarette with the tagline "Don't be a flicking idiot … tossed butts start fires." The second design shows a teddy bear on fire with the tagline "Kill your butts, not your neighbours … tossed butts start fires."
More information is available at:

Condo boards need to start taking bike theft seriously
As thefts from apartments and condos surpass street thefts, many Toronto buildings still refuse to allow residents to store bikes in units or on balconies.
The problem is real but the suggested solution is not the answer. Having dozens on bicycles on the condo's elevators in rush hour is not practical.
Keeping thieves out of condo parking garages will help prevent all kinds of criminal behaviour and make for safer communities.

Is Section 37 money an unfair perk for downtown Toronto or compensation for endless construction?
But the high concentration of tall-tower development in the downtown core means those wards — such as the old Ward 28, where Berczy Park is located, and neighbouring Ward 27 Toronto Centre-Rosedale, which have more than $22 million and $67 million respectively in their accounts as of May 2018 — are getting the biggest pots of funding.
This has led to a perception that downtown is getting not only a disproportionate amount of development, but added perks to go with it — something one Scarborough group wants to see changed.

Fate of outstanding condo law reforms unknown
As for the Progressive Conservative government’s intentions for the outstanding changes to Ontario’s condo laws, more information appears to be months away, according to the statement provided by the minister of government and consumer services.

Probably the saddest thing I've seen in Toronto. It was about 5 feet wide.

This is suppose to be a dog playground at a Toronto condo.

This condo developer collected millions in deposits — and hasn’t built anything
The frenzy continued for three straight weekends and Central Park Ajax was sold out in less than a month. Two-and-a-half years later, ground has yet to be broken, the project is mired in litigation and frustrated purchasers are asking for their deposits back.

Toronto land zoned for employment use is shrinking
What do you expect? Manufacturing is gone and its not coming back. Condos have to be built somewhere.

Down the drain: seven Feng Shui mistakes you're making in the bathroom
”The bathroom is one of the key energy centers in the home, so focusing on this space is important for good feng shui," says Ping Deters,  a certified feng shui consultant.

Quebec tenant whose snoring kept downstairs neighbours awake loses harassment complaint
The Quebec City woman refused to seek help and did not appreciate the intervention, seeking compensation for harassment and meddling in her personal affairs.
She filed a complaint against her landlords, requesting a reduction in her $665 monthly rent as well as unspecified damages.
But in a decision this month, the province’s rental board ruled against her, saying there was no malicious intent on the part of the landlords.
“As the tenant did not want to address her acute snoring problem, and this situation created a loss of enjoyment to other tenants, the landlords were fully justified in initiating a lease termination proceeding,” wrote Marc Forest, a commissioner with Quebec’s rental board.

Alberta rental giant Boardwalk bans all cannabis use from its properties
A major landlord in Alberta will prohibit tenants from growing, smoking, or eating cannabis on its properties, even after the product is legalized in Canada on Oct. 17. Smoking cigarettes will continue to be okay.

Sidney BC allows short-term rentals, but only in occupied homes
Here are two stories about short-term rentals. One is from Sidney and the other from Sydney.

Strata manager’s actions a form of racketeering
BC: Here is another way an unethical property manager may try to make unearned money from condo owners.

The fight back: dealing with the rental headaches from short-term letting
“A lot of buildings are worried about short-term letting companies like Airbnb, and have issues like security, uninsured damage and thefts,” says Reuben Schwarz, co-founder of BnbGuard which now monitors over 5000 properties, mostly in Sydney and Melbourne.

China: Electrician insists he didn’t mean to kill father-in-law when he unlocked, opened elevator doors
Most likely just an accident. A safety lesson on why people should not fool around with elevators.