Demonize the opposition

Sometimes the board will distribute leaflets libeling the owners who are challenging them.

These leaflets, sometimes sent anonymously and sometimes not may claim that the owner has had work done in his unit for free, has been late with his monthly fees, has no visible means of support, is dishonest, has been parking illegally in the vistor's parking lot, has asked the superintendent for all kinds of favours and wants to get on the board so he can hire his relatives or make money off the owners.

These letters are very hurtful and have some affect.

A well written letter
Here is a letter that a board in Brampton sent the owners. It was obviously written by the corporation’s law firm.

It starts off by saying that a large number of residents “expressing their anxiety and unease”.

The second sentence says “In fairness to those individual residents who have expressed their concerns, complaints, and feel uncomfortable with this group’s behavior, they have asked that we enforce that they be left alone.”

It is obvious that if association members canvas their neighbours and some of these neighbours say they are not interested, the canvassers should respect their wishes. Why upset your neighbours and potential supporters?

Note that the letter does not state the number of complaints they received nor did they differentiate between inquires and complaints; they are not necessarily the same thing.

It goes on to say: “all owners have the simple right to express concerns to the Board of Directors individually.” (Divide and rule.)

This Homeowners Association went on to:
• Gain the support of the majority of the owners.
• Win the majority of seats on the board.
• Change property management companies.
• Replace the corporation's law firm.

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