Observations on examining the corporation̓s records

Here is some points that an owner needs to understand about dealing with your manager and the board of directors.

Do not bombard the corporation with numerous requests to examine documents and do not make multiple requests to examine the same documents. The lawyer will use the number of requests to argue that your requests are a form of harassment or oppression, you have become a nuisance and you are hindering the corporation's ability to manage its affairs.
Remember that the manager or board members do not have to answer any of your questions. All they have to do is give you access to examine documents. They do not have to explain what the documents mean.
If the board made a decision, they do not have to explain why they made that decision and not a different one or what criterion they used when making their decisions.
It is important that you have not given the board any tangible reasons to claim that your requests to examine the records is a fishing expedition for a lawsuit, to help you conduct an investigation or to further your personal political aspirations.
Most likely the manager and the directors will treat you differently after you request to examine records.

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