Public meeting addresses changes to Alberta Condo Property Act
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Brenda Neufeld
12 January 2017

The Alberta government recently updated the Condo Property Act, but one condo owners’ advocate said there are some big things missing from the legislation.

June Donaldson said Thursday in the past condo legislation has been unfair and punishing and she wants that to change before the new legislation takes effect.

She told Global News one of her biggest concerns is the lack of communication some condo owners have with their board.

“If an owner writes a respectful letter to the condo board asking a legitimate question, there needs to be a timeline on when that board responds to that owner. That to me is just good business practice,” Donaldson said.

” I have been on many condo boards and I’ve been a condo board president, so I’ve had my feet to the fire. I know there are some very good condo boards out there and condo managers because I’ve worked with them. However, on the other side of the coin, there are condo boards who are arbitrary, lack openness and transparency and do things that are questionable.”

Donaldson is pleased to see the revised legislation includes a condo dispute tribunal, a body she said is badly needed in our province.

“No one has the back of Alberta condo owners when they get into a dispute. When you consider they are the single largest stakeholder group in the condominium community – that is appalling.”

The process to update the Condo Property Act began in 2009.

Donaldson is hosting a meeting for condo owners Thursday night at the Crowchild Trail Best Western between 7 and 9 p.m.

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