Letter to the Minister

25 March 2014
To: Hon Tracy MacCharles Minister of Consumer Services
Jim McDonell MPP
PC Critic

Jagmeet Singh MPP NDP Critic

Rosario Marchese MPP

Subject:  Introduction of the New Condominium Act

Can you please tell me the date on when you intend to introduce the new Condominium Act for first reading.

We believe that it is ready to be introduced and we are anxious to be able to read what changes your ministry is introducing. We are hoping that it will be beneficial to condominium owners and we are hoping that we will be able to heartily endorse and support its adaption by all parties the legislature.

However, until we can read the bill, we cannot determine if there are provisions in the bill that will be beneficial to the condo industry but may prove harmful to condominium owners.

Until we read, the bill, the ordinary condo owners cannot present our concerns to our MPPs as we don’t know what those concerns would be. We don’t know if we should support the bill, be opposed to it or request a few, but important, amendments be made to the bill.

We understand that the bill will add a new tax (a monthly fee) on condo owners to pay for a “Condo Office”. Yet we do not know what services we will receive in return. Will we get value for our money or not?

Will Condo Office be little more that a few racks of glossy printed brochures, a few YouTube educational videos and a toll-free telephone help centre or will it provide meaningful education courses to condo owners and directors, and replace the existing expensive and intimidating mediation, arbitration and small claims disputes for solving disputes between owners and their condo boards?

The first possibility will give condo owners no real value while the second will be most welcomed.

So please introduce your bill for first reading so we can examine what it entails.

Yours sincerely:


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