Submission to include material to the agenda of an owners’ meeting

The revised Condo Act gives the owners a slightly easier way to add items to the agenda of an owners meeting.

The Condominium Act states:

Procedure for board calling a meeting
45.1 (1) Before the board sends out a notice to call a meeting of owners, it shall send a preliminary notice to the owners that is prepared in accordance with the regulations and that contains,

(b) a request that any owner who wishes that the board include any material in the notice calling the meeting provide the material to the board by a date that is specified in the notice and that is determined in accordance with the regulations;

To trigger this procedure, an owner needs to get the owners of 15% of units to sign the form:

Submission to Include Material in the Notice of Meeting of Owners
A request by owners to include material in a notice of meeting

This form states:
This submission requests that  (check any that apply):
√ material to be added to the notice of the meeting.  (agenda)
√ a record of the corporation to be added to the notice of meeting.
√ an addition be made to the business to be presented to the meeting.

Although you can request that material be included in the notice of meeting, the board is not obligated to include this material unless, among other requirements, the owners of at least 15% of the units request that the material be included.

List of owners making the submission
The list of owners who are making this submission (signing the petition) are listed on the attached sheets below the business that is to be added to the agenda.

Is this a big deal?

The owners always had the right to requisition an owners meeting to discuss items of interest to the owners. All this does is help the owners understand the process and make the board aware that a group of owners can have additional items added to the meeting's agenda.

Can the owners put forward a motion?
It does not appear so. This is a reply I recieved from CAO:

Dear Holland,

Thank you for your recent email to the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) regarding the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”).

The section of legislation that you are referring to is basically saying that an owner may request of a board that is hosting a meeting, that they may request that certain materials (topics ect.) be included to the notice of the meeting. The preliminary notice that the act is referring to must include a method that any owner who wants to include business to the meeting, can, if they provide the materials to the board of directors by the date specified in the preliminary notice.

This may have been written by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) as to allow owners to tack on business they want to discuss to an board meeting in the imminent future. This may help some owners who find this more convenient than the process of requisitioning a meeting.

Thank you,

Condominium Authority of Ontario
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