Motorbike owners told not to block stairwells
Shanghai Daily,上海日报
By: Zhang Ningning
16 December 2016

RESIDENTS are not allowed to park motorbikes in stairwells, by security exits or in evacuation passages.

The city is tightening fire safety management with regard to motorbikes and miscreants are warned they face penalties.

The number of fire accidents triggered by motorbikes had increased in recent years, the city’s public security bureau said, which in turn had caused casualties and large financial losses.

A notice released by the bureau said that property management companies or neighboring committees should stop such violations.

It is common to see motorbikes and bicycles parked randomly in stairwells and passages in residential buildings in Shanghai, some people even charge the batteries overnight.

“Such parking makes the passages messy and dangerous,” said a manager surnamed Zhang, who works for a property management company in Huangpu District.

“Some people park their motorbikes here to avoid the monthly parking fee, while some who have paid the money would also park in the passage, as it’s more convenient,” he said.

The bureau’s notice said property management companies should set up special parking places, equipped with fire-fighting facilities, for motorbikes.

charging their batteries for too long is a fire hazard

Residents are also not allowed to refit motorbikes illegally or charge their batteries for too long. Doing so is in violation of fire safety regulations and miscreants will face penalties and owners face detention.

Residents are also encouraged to report violations via the fire-danger report hotline 96119.

A fire accident broke out in a three-story residential building in Songjiang District in October last year, which caused three deaths. Witnesses said there were about a dozen motorbikes having their batteries charged in the residence every day.

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