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This is an e-mail that was sent to an American website. The writer is asking where he can find free legal advice. The answer is blunt, brutal and accurate.

Free legal advice from a lawyer that is experienced in condominium law is next to impossible to get.

First of all, any lawyer who would give free legal advice would be overwhelmed by condo owners showing up at the door. The lawyer would have no time to work on legal fies that will pay for his time.

Many condo owners who get into a dispute with the board do not understand how they got into their mess and have not kept the needed documentation. Getting through that would take a lot of time and expense.

Please read the next page which speaks on why lawyers will not do pro bono work on condo legal disputes.

How to get free HOA legal help in Florida?
23 November 2016

I hope you can advise a horrible situation our condo is in with advising a solution as to where to go for assistance.
Our Board of Directors do not follow or carry out or enforce the governing rules from our declaration,  The board members has created Selective Enforcement—broken the rule of allowing renter's in prior to the 12 month rule—and on and on.
We can not afford the expense of an attorney UNLESS PRO BONO and any penalties the association would be granted (sure to win) can go to the attorney willing to help us.  Perhaps you know of a law student that is willing to assist us as well.
Please respond and I hope with a favorable reply.

Ron - NC
You want free legal advise then go to a local bar and ask a bartender.

I have no doubt that your HOA is guilty as charged regarding your accusations. However, you need to petition the other owners or call for a special meeting to discuss. With enough owners in agreement with you the cost to every owner for an attorney will go down.

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