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You may be safer buying an igloo on an ice flow in Hudson's Bay than buying a condominium.

Condo units are the most dangerous form of home ownership in Canada because you have bought into a private non-profit corporation that has authority over all of its residents and owners and uses mediation, arbitration and the court system to enforce its will upon the owners and residents.

All of these dispute mechanisms are extremely expensive and they tend to favour the corporation over the individual.

If you own a detached house, do you think that a group of neighbours would ever take you to Superior Court to get your cat evicted and lien your home while they are at it? Of course it wouldn't happen. However condo boards are noted for doing so.

The intent of the Condominium Act
Construction defect lawsuits often hinge on document retention
Unit owners must insure the corporation has their mailing address
What does acting reasonably mean?
The time to protect your real property assets is before any HOA litigation
How a real estate developer’s efforts to silence a critic failed
How court costs are decided
The abuse of billable hours
The perversity of condos / HOA's
Lawsuits: a reality check
President’s extreme behavior created liability for Association
Lawyer suspended from practicing law for two years
It’s a slam-dunk.
Assessing legal fees
Discriminatory enforcement
Regan: soaked by condo board
Not all costs may be divided equally
Free legal advice
Condo lawsuits & contingency
Don’t expect an attorney to provide cut-rate legal services in HOA disputes
Why can’t I get a straight answer from the condo lawyer?
The attorney-client privilege in HOAs & condominiums
Condo buyer sues lawyer over special assessment
Condo settles with man shot by burglars
Bullied by her condo board
'I feel bullied,' says condo owner taken to court over garden items
Toronto man sues condo neighbour over dog’s death
Owner spends $11,000 in dispute with HOA over neighbour's parking
West Loop condo board sued—over its lawsuit
HOA refuses to accommodate disabled man                       Part 1
SWAT arrests Fort Collins man over barking dog dispute   Part 2
Homeowner wins against crooked incompetent board
Windsor bar loses Small Claims noise suit—will not pay, noise continues
Italy: Stinky cooking odours constitute a crime, supreme court rules
Toronto man sues elevator company & his condo corporation for $25,000
Slip & falls on condo premises and the open & obvious doctrine
Ohio: Association not liable for accidental death in hot tub
Florida: Appeals court reverses summary judgment against homeowner
Florida: Injunction against condo owner: How ugly things can get
Florida: Arbitration not required for suit alleging breach of fiduciary duty
Florida—Attorney says unethical/illegal behavior by condo boards is the norm
Can an association board sue a member for defamation?
Board members can be considered limited purpose public figures
Donning the mantle of public morality
Can the board prevent you from canvassing for proxies
A Norwich order—what does this mean?
What does ‘without prejudice’ mean, anyway?
Condo living on Chicago's Gold Coast: Lawsuits, fines, insults            Part 1
In Gold Coast condo war, judge orders resident to pay $100,000          Part 2
In Gold Coast condo war, owners have a right to freedom of speech    Part 3
Supreme Court of Illinois will not consider the case                              Part 4
Associations must maintain proper reserve levels
Lawyer's lawsuit vs condo board over parking spot groundless, but not SLAPP
Sheriff's office seizes property of man who challenged condo association

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