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Lawyer Duane Alan Rhyno charged with human trafficking
Charges include prostitution-related offences

CBC News
01 October 2014
photo: CBC
A Nova Scotia lawyer has been charged with human trafficking and sexual assault. 

Duane Alan Rhyno, 46, was arrested by Kings District RCMP after a three-month investigation.

The Lower Sackville lawyer came under investigation in July, RCMP said.

“During the investigation, evidence was found to support human trafficking and prostitution-related offences involving a 46-year-old male suspect and a 26-year-old female victim,” said Insp. Chris MacNaughton.

• Rhyno is charged with: 
• One count of human trafficking
• One count of financial gain from human trafficking
• One count of aiding and abetting prostitution
• One count of living off the avails of prostitution
• One count of sexual assault

None of the charges have been tested in court. Rhyno was scheduled to appear at Kentville Provincial Court Wednesday.

Previous brushes with the law
The Nova Scotia Barristers Society is investigating the case. Executive Director Darrel Pink said the society's main concern is ensuring there's no risk to the public or any of Rhyno's clients.

"When a lawyer is charged with a criminal offence, the society will obtain information about the matter and determine whether there is a public risk or interest requiring further investigation or action on our part," Pink said.

"It's also important to remember that anyone accused of a crime is entitled to the presumption of innocence unless they are proven guilty in a court of law. Our immediate concern, while Mr. Rhyno remains in custody, is management of his client files."

The society has twice disciplined Rhyno for professional misconduct for the way he handled his law practice.

Rhyno has been convicted for breathalyzer offences. But he also beat two charges for driving under the influence, because they took too long to get to trial.

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