When lawyers get caught
Why complaining to the LSUC about condo lawyers seems futile
The lawyer who is taking on Toronto’s condo developers
How to win in small claims court
The difference between general & limited proxies
Why an owner should never ignore a letter from the condo board
Police need warrant or prior permission to snoop in common elements
Thoughts on Ontario Residential Landlord and Tenant Law
Is mediation and arbitration a trap for condo owners?   Part 1
Is mediation and arbitration a trap for condo owners?   Part 2
Using the full strength of your case in mediation
Airbnb Defends Arbitration in Push to Dismiss Discrimination Suit
‘Quirky’ bylaw is tough to enforce
New owner discovers change to bylaws
Fight over rooftop railings nails strata owners with big bill
Jilted elevator company suing condo association
Georgia Supreme Court affirms director's removal
Mother sues West Palm Beach condo in son’s shooting death
Jury finds apartment manager liable for $4M in fatal shooting
Bank of America to pay $6 million to couple evicted from home
An Oxford comma changed this court case completely
Proper grammar is important in writing condo by-laws & rules
Coarsegold homeowner association settles retaliation lawsuit
Why it's (almost) always foolish to say 'I'll sue!'
Court reverses restriction on man’s blogging about condo
Complaining about your HOA is a constitutionally protected activity
Freedom of speech is a hot topic in community associations
Court dismisses company’s libel lawsuit—anti-SLAPP measures
Condo owner prevails on her request for attorney fees
Woman seeking ban over neighbor's secondhand smoke
Singapore: Judge rejects condo's bid to remove resident's dog
Fremont condo must rescind rule, pay tenants $800K
Owners caught in legal crossfire at north London condo complex
Showing how Dodson and Fogg were men of business

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