Requistionists call the meeting
“Two Cheers for Democracy: one because it admits variety

and two because it permits criticism.”

—E. M. Forster

If the board ignores a legitimate request to call an owners meeting, then the requistionists can call the meeting. What is interesting is that there is no time requirements mentioned in the Act except that the meeting has to be held within 45 days of when it is called. The requistionists can call a meeting as soon as they are ready or they can wait weeks or months.

Calling the meeting
Calling an owners meeting is not easy. There is a lot of preparation required and the requistionists may not have the corporation's management company assisting them.

The requistionists will need a copy of the owner's register. They will also need a list of all owners who are in arrears. If the management company will not supply these records then the requistionists will need to hire a lawyer who is experienced in condo law to send the board a written request. That letter usually gets results.

Upon request, the corporation shall reimburse a requisitionist who calls a meeting for the reasonable costs incurred in calling the meeting. All costs must be itemized and receipts retained to be submitted to the board for payment.

The Act doesn't say when the corporation must pay these costs. The requistionists may have to take the corporation to small claims to get the board to write the cheque.

The requistionists will also need:
Book a suitable room if the board will not allow the meeting to be held in the condo's party room.

If the party room will be used, are there sufficient chairs or do some have to be rented? Will you need to rent a sound system?
Arrange for security. (If it is thought that it is necessary.)
Decide on who will chair the meeting. I strongly suggest that the requistionists hire a condo lawyer for this position.
Hire a professional recording secretary for the meeting.
Send out a notice to all owners stating the date, time and place of the meeting, the meeting's purpose and request that all owners who wish to run for a position on the board to submit their names and a one-page resume that will be included in the special owners meeting package.
Prepare and mail out the special owners meeting package.
Select and train volunteers to man the registration desk. I strongly suggest hiring an experienced condo property manager, or an consultant, to assist with this important function.
Have a suitable ballot box, pens, paper and ballots at the registration desk.
Follow all the meeting requirements and deadlines as stated in the Act.

If the requisitionists don't have the experience to organize and conduct a meeting, they can hire an experienced manager, or condo consultant, to assist them with this.

This will be the requistionists' meeting not the board's, so the requistionists appoints the chair. This gives them a big advantage.

That is why it is rare for a board, that was properly advised, to refuse to call the meeting. After all the board will not be in control of the registration, they will not be hiring the chair and they will be picking up the tab for this shindig.

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