The recall is unnecessary

A special owners' meeting has been called to vote on the recall of one or more directors. Naturally the director, or directors, will argue that the recall is unnecessary, a waste of time and is an affront to democracy and good governance.

Unlike the requistionists, the directors do not have to collect proxies or get owners to attend the meeting, just the opposite. The fewer proxies collected and the fewer owners at the meeting, the better.

Campaign tactics
The directors who are facing the recall election may go door-to-door to explain their position to the owners and request that they do not to give the requistionists a proxy. If the owners have already done so, the director, or directors will ask them to sign a new proxy that retracts their earlier one.

Town hall meetings
The directors may hold a couple of town hall meetings to get in touch with the owners and listen to their complaints and suggestions.

Directors who are facing a recall election may get endorsements from the property manager, contractors or from owners that praise the director's performance, state that the directors are both honest and ethical and that the condo corporation needs them to remain in office.

These endorsements work well on flyers and posters.

Depending on who is behind the recall. the director's arguments against the recall may include:
This meeting is very expensive and is a big waste of the owners' money.
The requisitionists are power hungry and want to grab control of the board to serve their own hidden agenda.
This recall attempt is an attempt to discredit democracy as I was properly elected by the owners at an AGM. They lost the election fair and square  and they need to get over it.
The decisions that I am being blamed for were made by past directors.
I am trying to raise the monthly fees to pay for the errors and mistakes made by past boards.
Why couldn't the requistionists wait until the next AGM? It will be held in just a few months and this would have saved us all a lot of trouble.
The requistionists were on past boards that made the decisions that got us into this mess.
The requistionists are telling lies about me and engaging in a smear campaign.
The requistionists want me out because I want them to pay their arrears.
The requistionists are upset because I have stopped them from parking in the visitors parking spots.
The requistionists are in cahoots with a different management company and contractors who want to make money off of our condo.
I am looking out for the best interests of all the owners.
The other directors want me off the board because I am asking too many questions about how our money is being spent.
The other directors want me off the board because I am opposed to them spending your money on exorbitant dinners, gifts and expensive Christmas parties.
The condo is being mismanaged and the other directors are hiding this information from the owners.
I am fighting to keep our fees low and the requistionists don't like that.

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