The odds are against you

I hate to discourage owners from getting involved in community organizing but you need to know that the odds are against you. It can be done but it is usually not quick or easy.

The odds are against him too!

For all our talk about our democratic way of life, our governments and corporations are structured to ensure stability over democracy. Order and stability, no matter how flawed, is preferred over uncertainty. Our so-called “betters” have always had a never-ending fear of the unwashed rabble.

The odds are with the board. However, one reason for that is most owners do not know how to go about battling the board so they make a lot of mistakes and by the time they learn the rules of the game, they have done themselves a lot of harm.

On the other hand, many property managers and board members have contempt for the owners. That makes them arrogant and careless, so they too make a lot of mistakes that an owner can exploit.

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