Malaysia could have done a lot better
Owners of stolen undies at Penang condo urged to reclaim them
A place to resolve issues over your condo
Sino-Cambodian Condo Project in Malaysia
Chinese-made $100 Billion USD city near Singapore
How China’s overseas property dream turned into a nightmare
Rating system exists for common elements in highrise towers
Former property agent jailed, fined $100k for corruption
Security management flaws may lead to burglaries
Student in molest case scared into moving out of her rented condo
Advice for new home buyers from Malaysia’s Condo King
Advice for landlords from an experinced investor
Keeping dogs: Local council laws override condo rules
Condo security can use thumbprint scanners for entry checks
Condo residents lodge police report against management
PWD refutes news report, says untrue bribery common to secure projects
How to tell if an apartment is worth buying
38 ganja plants seized from Puchong condo, 3 nabbed
Firemen stop two suicide attempts
City Hall may have picked the wrong fight with TTDI folk
Malaysia police raid condo unit, suspicion it was a nerve agent lab
Free from cops, criminals now running business from gated communities
Five seconds to clone a key card

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