United States

50,000 condos & HOAs in Illinois
Judge ordered condo board vote
A Queens condo got its lights back
Owners of affordable condos sue for $210M
Man killed—condo sued
Squalid Boston condo
Developers pay for community support
Couple–HOA settle dispute
Outrage over fees increase
Faulty fire sprinklers in high-rise condos
Texas HOA has all the power
Princeton Meadows locked in pool battle
Shadowood condos make new Va. case law
Shadowood owners fight for control of board
Shadowmoss residents seek to oust HOA board
Lawyer threatens news reporter: bury you
Condo complex deemed uninhabitable
Colorado mgmt companies lose licences
Two months with no heat at Colorado condo
Bronx—Condo fees go up, owners protest
Neighborhood gate opens up HOA troubles
Parking hassles? Bribe the security guards
Ohio buyers suing condo for hiding deficts
Texas condo suing exterminators over termites
President removed, must pay all legal costs
HOA blocks residents who say things
Hire a character assassin
Not a crime to strip your foreclosed home
Chicago: Refusal to show documents           Part 1
Chicago: Condo needs $500k for legal fees  Part 2
Georgia: Mold, long dispute with condo board keeps man out of home
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