The attraction
The downside
Fighting your board
Abuse of power
Fined for insulting the president?
Condo sues developer
$9M construction defect case
$8.7 million in defects
Defective pipes causing leaks?
Lawsuit—falling roof tiles
Major damages from construction
Condo sidelined by lawsuits
Woman in wheelchair sues condo for discrimination
Residents allege condo leaders are cashing in on positions
Fire panel thefts
HOA president with a gun
Threatened with a gun
Referral fees
No elevators for six years
Removing a receiver
Poinciana HOA members settle
City cutting off the water
Manager suing wrongful dismissal
Bad behaviour
Collection agencies
How $75 becomes $750
HOA abuses need reform
Condo hostile takeover
No fire stops in attics
Fire sprinklers needed in highrises
Robotic parking garage
500 Brickell lawsuit
Icon Brickell swimming pool
Condo board rip-offs
Condo president, a convicted felon, refuses to resign
Miami condo dwellers oppressed by noisy dance clubs
Inexperienced lawyer wins big
Florida news stories

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