What’s your beef ?

Different owners and condos have different problems that will determine what approach you need to take. I suggest that you follow these tactics.

There are no AGMs and there are maintenance issues
Your board does not call any AGMs, or show current audited financial statements. They do not honour requests to examine the corporation’s documents. There are serious maintenance issues. Then you should:
Take the corporation to small claims to examine the records.
Inform Municipal Licencing and Standards Department (MLS) and the fire department of the building deficiencies. (Call 311)
Start a petition for a Special Owners Meeting to replace the board members.
If the Special Owners Meeting fails to get a quorum, then go to Superior Court to seek relief.

You have AGMs but an under-funded reserve fund
Your board holds AGMs and publishes current audited financial statements and you are allowed to examine the corporation records but the corporation is running a deficit, the reserve fund is badly under-funded and there are serious building deficiencies, then you need to:
Inform the MLS and fire department of the building deficiencies.
Try to unseat the incumbents at the AGMs.
Seek relief in Superior Court.

You have AGMs and a healthy reserve fund
You are having AGMs, have a current Reserve Fund Study, the reserve fund is properly funded, the building is well maintained and you are granted access to examine the corporation’s records.

Yet you have issues. Perhaps you suspect that there are kickbacks, fraud and/or waste of corporation funds. Maybe management plays favourites or introduces unpopular new rules. Then you need to:
Run a political campaign to replace a majority of the members of the board. You have nothing to present to a judge.

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