“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.
—Henry Ford

These photographs show the results of questionable workmanship done at a condominium just outside of Toronto. The owner who took these photographs has reason to be concerned about the quality of workmanship being performed at his condominium.

Repairing brickwork
As exterior brick walls age, rain, frost and heat will wear away at the mortar and water will penetrate into the building. If maintenance is ignored long enough, individual bricks will crumble, may pull away from the building and fall to the ground.

If the building envelop starts to leak, repairs are required. It is labour intensive and therefore it is expensive. Care must be taken to insure that the cracks in the mortar are filled and that the weeping holes function.

The mortar has been filled in but it looks a little sloppy.

Not too pretty.

This glob of mortar should have been cleaned up and not left on the wall.

It appears that the job was not completed.

Painting a speed bump
Exterior painting is not normally done on top of wet asphalt and definitely not done in mid-December when it is cold and the forecast said more rain was on the way.

Two days later, the paint had run all over the front driveway.

Using an environmentally-friendly paint just makes it worse. Even though the condo will have this mess cleaned up under warranty, it was something that should not have happened.

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