Building deficiencies

Building deficiencies are caused by defects during the initial construction and by the board skipping on maintenance and repairs to keep the fees low.

Water leaks
Of all the building deficiencies, the most serious is water leaks.

Water penetration problems can seep into the building from the roof, windows, balconies, pin holes in aging hot water pipes or through the exterior brickwork, stucco or pre-cast concrete walls.

Water leaks in the underground parking garage can result in very expensive repairs and the longer the corporation takes in repairing the defects, the more expensive it gets.

Noise issues
A lot of newer condos have noise and fume penetration problems.

Some of the problems are due to an increase in studio and one-bedroom units. Builders separate these units with drywall instead of the far more expensive solid concrete walls.

People can hear their neighbours talking on the phone, opening and closing bathroom drawers and the men urinating in the toilet.

If your neighbours love to have their TV or stereo turned up, you will suffer, especially when the bass pounds through the walls.

There seems to never be enough elevators but when you have a thirty-storey condo with only three elevators, it is a serious concern when one of them is out of order for months. If the building has four elevators, one can be out of service for a couple of years before many of the residents notice it.

Broken fire doors
Some buildings have fire doors and garbage chutes that do not close properly. The board is saving money by violating the fire code.

Crumbling concrete
Concrete sidewalks, stairs and asphalt driveways need to be maintained. Holes, large cracks and broken stairs are safety hazards that cause a lot of trip and fall accidents.

Burnt-out light bulbs
Burnt-out light bulbs in the hallways, staircases and parking garages are both safety hazards and a sign of neglect.

Worn out carpets
Worn out carpets, dirty hallways or graffiti on the walls are a depressing things to walk into after a putting in a day at work. There are some owners who will not invite friends and relatives over to their homes because of deplorable common elements.

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