Rules, what rules?
“You are remembered for the rules you break.”
—Douglas MacArthur

Little can be as frustrating as living in a condo where reasonable rules are not enforced.

Lit cigarette butts rain down from the balconies above you burning holes in your seasonal furniture. The stink of marijuana smoke floats through the hallways and in the staircases. Loud rap music blares away all night long or there is dog poop in the staircases because people are  too lazy to take their dogs outside.

A backyard mechanic may be replacing a transmission in the parking garage or a young fellow roars his motorbike in the driveway every time he comes home. There may be abandoned cars in the garage and residents park in the visitor's parking spots.

Garbage isn't being dropped down the chutes and there are trails of kitchen grease that dripped all along the hallway carpets from the units to the garbage rooms.

As bad as all of this may be, nothing may worse than favourtism. A director may park in the visitor's parking without penalty but everyone else gets a parking ticket.

You have to pay to use the party room but not someone else. The superintendent may be doing repairs in the board members' units during regular working hours or the security guards are babysitting the director's kids while they run errands.

These issues are a big cause of frustration.

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