Disputes with your condo board

There are different ways of have serious disagreements with your board. Some far more serious than others. They can include:
• noise issues that they will not deal with.
• water leaks coming in from the windows or exterior walls.
• second-hand smoke coming into your unit.
• water leak wreaking your drywall & floors.
• insufficient hot water.
• late or poorly done snow clearing and salting.
• dog poop all over the grounds.
• swimming pool closed.
• common elements not being properly cleaned or maintained.
• fire or building code violations.
• favouritism.
• refusal to allow you to examine records.
• suspected election fraud.
• security lapses.
• abusive and rude manager or superintendent.

Some of these issues are very serious, others maybe not so much. Yet to you, they are all important.

It can be very difficult getting satisfaction from an un-cooperative board as this condo owner found out:
“I attended a board meeting and raised some questions to discuss. The person representing property management told me that if I didn't like the way things were I should move out.

I have owned my unit for over 30 years and thought his in-my-face message was way out of line. No one on the board defended me and did not put this guy in his place.”

If the board works to resolve your complaints or gives you good cause why it can't do so then all is well.

However, if they ignore your complaints and you feel strongly that you want something done about it, then get a legal opinion from a lawyer who is experienced in condo law.

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