Disputes with your neighbour who is a tenant

From your side, it does not matter if the neighbour causing you grief is an owner, a tenant or a short-term renter but it does for the manager and the board.

The condo unit owner is responsible for the actions of his tenants, their guests and their visitors if any of the above break the declaration, by-laws or rules.

So if a tenant is acting like a jerk, and won't stop, it is the unit owner who the condo corporation takes to court.

If you are the tenant's landlord
If you are renting out your unit, make sure the management office has your latest contact information. If your tenant is acting up, you want to be made aware of it immediately.

If you think that the worse thing your tenant can do to you is stop paying their rent or damaging your unit, you are mistaken. In my opinion, the worse thing your tenant can do to you is to provoke the board into commencing legal action against you.

If it looks like there will be legal issues with the condo corporation, you should immediately contact a lawyer who is experienced in condominium law. You may need to start eviction proceedings quickly.

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