Prime position—1st come, 1st listed

In order they're received
At an AGM, I complained about prime ballot positioning on the proxy forms to the property manager. His response? he wrote in the names in the order that the candidates submitted their names.

Since the incumbents are the first to tell him that they are seeking another term, of course their names will always be listed first.

A slick answer to a dirty trick.

First come, first served. If you don't think about it too hard, this may sound fair.

However, who are the first candidates to know when the letter informing the owners will be mailed out? The incumbents, right?

So they inform the manager, verbally or in writing, that they intend to run for re-election so as easy as pie, the president is listed in first prime location and the other director or directors in prime positions 2 & 3.

Any additional candidates, that e-mail or write in their nominations are listed below the incumbents.

When I first saw this on a proxy form, I thought that it was a trick that was dreamed up by just one ACMO affiliated management company. Later, I discovered that other companies use this trick to give the incumbents an edge.

What can a candidate do?
Well, by the time you figure out that you got ripped off, it is too late isn't it?

But there is always next year's proxies.

During the New Business part of the current AGM, while the secretary is taking the minutes, announce that you are nominating yourself to be a candidate at the next AGM. Therefore, you must be placed first on the ballot.

Then your sidekick stands up and announces her candidacy. Then you two will hold the first two prime candidate positions on next year's proxy forms.

Be sure to e-mail a written confirmation of your intentions to run to the management office, that same evening, as soon as the two of you get home.

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