Election fraud—proxy forms

Prime ballot position
Prime ballot position          condos
Prime ballot position          condos 1
Proxy form manipulation   Part 1
Proxy form manipulation   Part 2
More proxy form games
Prime proxy position changes
Gaming the proxy appointee   Part 1
Gaming the proxy appointee   Part 2
Power of substitution
Watermark on proxy form
Proxy trick to get a by-law passed
Proxies retained year after year
Preventing amendments to a by-law
Soliciting proxies
Proxy fraud
It is the law
Proxies for meeting quorum
Massive proxy tampering
Proxies—carrots & sticks
Two proposals on one motion

New proxy forms
New forms, same old games

Criminal charges
Directors charged with proxy fraud
Two found guilty of fixing election

Eliminating proxy fraud
Proxy fraud will always be with us

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