Manipulating the proxy form to get a by-law passed

have one's thumb of the scale
It's a very old idiom, referring to merchants, stereotypically butchers, resting their thumb on the scale pan when weighing meat, making it seem heavier.

A condo board and the property management company want a standard unit by-law passed. The problem is that 50% plus one of all owners must pass a new by-law, or a change to an existing by-law, at an owners meeting by voting either by ballot at the meeting or being represented by a proxy.

Getting 50% plus one of all owners to pass a by-law is very difficult especially in a condo where 50% or more units are rented by off-site owner/investors.

So this where manipulating the proxy form can help.

The proxy form has a check box for voting "In Favour", one for voting "Against" and one for voting "Abstain". So far so good.

However, below the check boxes, the proxy form states:
"Note: In the event that no choice is indicated, the Proxy will vote in favour of confirmation of the By-laws."

When the manager or directors go door-to-door asking for proxies so they can have a quorum to hold the AGM, I am sure that they do not tell the unsuspecting owners about this trick they are playing on them.

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