Power of substitution

Here is a proxy form that, like a great hamburger, comes with most of our favourite fixings.

The president and then the vice-president are appointed as the owner's proxies ahead of the owner's written choice. The Power of Substitution wording is so if the president or the vice president resigns between the mailing of the AGM package and the holding of the meeting, the replacement officers will have the right to use the proxy.

Then the board's appointed accounting firm has its name printed on the form with a simple "For" or "Against". That is followed by prime ballot positioning with the two incumbents listed ahead of the two challengers.

There is no space for owners to submit the names of alternative accounting companies.

Manager collects proxies
Prior to the AGM, at this condo, the manager went door-to-door collecting proxies. He suggests that to save time, the owner just needed to check off the first two names and sign the form.

He was so helpful.

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