Nasty politics
“Politics is such a torment that I advise everyone I love not to mix with it.”  
—Thomas Jefferson

The American presidential election is showing us how, at the highest levels, in politics, extremely vile accusations and smears get thrown around with wild abandon.

At least in that election, the mud throwers do not shy from identifying themselves. In condo politics, the snakes hide under their rocks.

Example 1
President libeled
In Etobicoke, an honest, intelligent and concerned owner got elected to his condo's board. He then spent hundreds of hours over the next three years fighting with the condo's malcontents and troublemakers, being taken to court, losing hours off work, attending meetings, negotiating work orders with the city and making a big difference in the condo's operations.

It was difficult, frustrating and hard work for which he did not make a nickel.

So you would think that he should get some credit; some token of appreciation from the owners. Well he has from many residents but he also was disappointed, if not surprised, to find this anonymous blog that was recently posted on the Internet.

FIRE Sandeep Gosal – Crook – Thief – YCC Sa Board of Director – Fraud
22 October 2016

eepcccccccc G is the unethical and corrupt Board of Director member at York Condominium Corporation # eG.

eepccccccc G is the epitome of a fraud who has been embezzling a substantial amount of money (i.e. in the millions of dollars range) though funds that are paid by the homeowners through their monthly common expenses and other fees;

eepcccccc G has been admonished and accused of serious financial fraud by many hard-working homeowners of our condo but all cries fall on deaf ears.

When confronted about financial improprieties, eecc  ccccp G threatens frivolous and vexatious trespass actions through condominium security just so that homeowners critical of eep cc  cc  G’s fraudulent ways are not present at Board Meetings.

eep ccccccG is in cahoots with corrupt YCC eG board members who are equally complicit and full-well knowing of eep ccccccccG’s nefarious ways.

eepcccccc G has also introduced many additional expenses in the name of maintenance and renovations that never came to fruition. In fact eep c  ccccGeep was fired from all his previous property management and board of director jobs after being accused of embezzlement fraud, theft, threatening and various other criminal acts.

It is strongly believed by many homeowners that eecccc c cp G has pocketed much of the embezzled for his own personal selfish gains, as he did with many other condos that he and his shell company managed, only to be fired and kicked out after condo owners discovered this convicted criminal's fraudulent ways.
eep cccccccccG refuses to provide any explanation when confronted about misappropriation of expenses.

eepcccccccc G should be dealt it with the fullest extent of criminal and civil law and has already been the subject of many legal actions that the YCC # ccc has settled in order to avoid accountability in a public forum.

It is highly encouraged that this unemployed bum and his unethical cronies be brought to justice and his actions should be reported to law enforcement authorities at once and/or actions through legal channels.

This blog is an act of spite from one bitter and vindictive owner. There is no truth to any of these statements. This posting was published to defame and hurt and most likely to influence the election results at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Look at the number of times the director's name is written in full; as many times as possible. In normal writing, after the full name is stated, pronouns such as "he" and either the first name, or last, are used to describe the person but not the full name written over and over. This was deliberately done as to make the libel more powerful.

I hope that this blog will be removed shortly. (It wasn't.) The American company hosting the blog has been informed that it is defamatory but they don't care.

Will the defamed director sue the poster. Perhaps. In this case, knowing the history of the writer's behaviour, I hope so.

Example 2
We are not crooks
Out of the blue. the board of a North York condominium sends this letter to all of its owners.

A reader writes:
The normal recommended course would be to do your investigation and obtain facts first. Not to comment on pure gossip!

I have been informed that this condo corporation has a history of conflict between directors and candidates. Impossible to say but the rumours may be part of a "whispering campaign" designed to influence the elections at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

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