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Strata facts, opinions and answers on strata (condo) living in Australia.

LookUpStrata is committed to providing a website for strata managers, landlords, owner-occupiers, tenants, building managers and anyone in the wider community who may work with or have an interest in strata title information and apartment living.

We aim to locate information from all around the web and pull it together here in this one convenient, easy to navigate site. As you can imagine, this is quite a task. The site will continue to grow as new information becomes available.

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'Governance' - E22 Strata 101
Published on 12 Jul 2016
Once you've made it through the gauntlet of contracts and settlement, it's time to run your strata scheme. Michael Teys' final segment of this series looks at the process of strata governance.

'Strata Managers' - E14 Strata 101
Published on 12 Jul 2016
Strata managers are the topic of this Strata 101, a subject that Block Lawyers' principal Michael Teys is well aware of.

'Expenses and Levies' - E21 Strata 101
Published on 12 Jul 2016
In this segment Michael Teys talks about the one issue that any strata owner, occupiers and investors alike, will care about—levies.

A large condo in Melbourne that has a short-term rental problem.

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