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Habitat Magazine
Habitat magazine is an independent publication with paid circulation targeting decision-makers at the 8000+ residential co-ops, condos, and homeowner associations in the New York City greater metropolitan area.
It is an independent publication as unique as New York. Their mission is to bring information and human-interest stories to champion awareness, education and empowerment among board directors.

New England Condo, HOA & Co-op Monthly
A very nice newsletter

The Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO) is a nonprofit membership corporation dedicated to assisting California homeowners associations. Our mission is "Serving Community Associations", and we provide help to homeowners associations on many fronts: finances, legal issues, insurance, maintenance and management. Members receive help through conferences, trade shows, seminars, a bi-monthly full-color magazine and publications.

Michigan Condominium Buyer's Handbook

The Condominium Buyer’s Handbook is a guide for people who are interested in buying a condominium. For your protection, you should read this booklet before you sign a purchase agreement.

Better Condo Life
A condo director's blog on condo living for directors and owners. Very well written.

Neighbors At War
A blog that is an addition to a professionally written book that describes the risks of joining a Home Owners Association in the United States. Condo owners in Ontario face some of these same battles.

Independent American Communities
The purpose of this blog is to inform and educate readers with current news and analysis related to all the different kinds of condos and HOAs.

How to fight your HOA
A very good list of ideas on how to fight your homeowners associations but it fails to list the best idea of all. "Sell and get out."

Homeowner Associations - A great evil on our land
A rant against Home Owner Associations.

Coalition for homeowner protection & reform of HOA laws
Jim Lane from North Carolina started this website.

HOA Warrior
Did you realize how many rights you abdicated when you bought into a Planned Development Community (Condo, HOA, POA, Gated Community)?

Maybe you did know, read the documents and considered them reasonable.

You were protected, right? Then everything changed. Most likely, a few power hungry owners were elected to the board and suddenly no matter how reasonable your documents were, your directors are not.

The HOA Detective
The idea for the CRC REPORT™ is the brainchild of Ms. Broili, whose experience working in the community management industry led her to the conclusion that buyers who purchased homes in a homeowners association (HOA) were often misled, or at the very least “under-informed,” with respect to the fiscal stability of the HOA they were buying into.

Grass roots help for owners in an association
Resources listed by state.

Hammocks Community Truth Seekers  (Florida)
Welcome! Here we bring the truth to light, call attention to issues that affect all Hammocks residents and encourage homeowners to be actively involved in the business of the Hammocks Community Association. We invite you to participate... This is your home. You live here too! Please note that this blog is not affiliated with the official website of the Hammocks Community Association, Inc.

HOA Corruption
A site that lists all the tales of corruption in American condos and HOAs that it can gather.

The King of All Vegas Real Estate Scams
A twisted tale of how homeowners were bilked by those they least suspected: their neighbours
A fascinating story on how four retired ladies exposed the biggest condo fraud so far in American history.

Consumer Affairs
Has a good homes & gardens section that informs us of condo and HOA abuses in the United States.

Condo & HOA News
An American website for condominiums and Home Owner Associations. Very good site for all the news on American condo issues.

HOA Savers
Advice for HOA owners and potential buyers.

HOA Owner Advocates
Featuring the HOA Wall of Shame.

Hello Tanoa
Tanoa Lynne Poirier is a Community Association Manager, Author and Real Estate Broker celebrating her eighth year in business.

Arizona Home Owners Association
A clearing house for frustrated Arizona HOA members. Here you can blog, learn, research dispute resolution, and share experiences.

HOA Reform Coalition of Texas
This Texas-based website is a great site to read why buying a home in an HOA or buying a condo is a risky investment. Be sure to read the Opinion page as it has a lot of good information.

Association Evaluation
A private company, based in Illinois, that evaluates the financial and physical condition of condominiums and HOAs.

NOLA Neighbors
We are a broad-based coalition of community partners in favor of smart Short Term Rental policies that maintain the integrity of our neighborhoods and nurture the culture that defines New Orleans.

Bullied by the state parkway condominium association board
This is a blog about the fraud, oppression, and misapplication or wasting of assets at The State Parkway Condominium — a 160-unit high-rise located in Chicago’s Gold Coast. The building’s address is 1445 North State Parkway.

Hidden Valley Lake Association (CA)
HVL started as a golf/retirement enclave in 1968. Rapid growth began by 1995. Growth accelerated from 2000 to 2010 resulting in an ecelctic family-based community today.

A golf-subculture within HVL has steadfastly resisted ethical/standardized management and family-oriented changes. This has deeply divided the Community and has caused severe fiscal prolems. HVL Owner Advocate seeks to keep HVLA on the ethical, productive path forward.


Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

This is not a Florida-based owner's web site that talks about a single condo property but a web site that supports owners against entrenched, corrupt and/or power-mad condo boards.

Not only does this site tell us the horror stories born in Florida but it also informs us about condo horror stories from across the United States.

Extra feature:
Listen to the Condo Owner's song that comes on when you go to this site.

Take a look and listen at:

We the People of Coral Point
A group of owners in a small Florida condo have a new president who is introducing many changes, especially new rules.

If this trend goes on, Coral Point Condo, a building of merely 23 units, maybe 50 residents at most, probably less considering the seemingly growing number of empty units, will soon have more rules and regulations than residents.

Florida HOA & Condo Blog
An interesting site for anyone owning a condo in southern Florida

Tales From the Galt Gulag
Horror stories abound at the condo towers on Galt Ocean Mile.
This detailed story describes the corruption and police indifference that the homeowners at a Florida condo had to deal with.

Pets in condos
Here is a group fighting to allow pets in Florida's condos.

​Directory of Credentialed Professionals
Accredited HOA/condo property managers in the United States

Law firm blogs—USA


Hosted by J. Roger Wood PLLC, Tucson, Arizona

Condo Law Blog
This blog written by Beth A. Grimm, a California lawyer

This is a very informative website. American Condo/HOA Acts are different that what we live with here in Ontario but the basics are very similar. Well worth reading.

Tarley Robertson Law Offices
Based in Williamsburg Virginia, Tarley Robertson has a very nice Twitter account and website,

Adams Kessler PLC
A very interesting website from a California law firm. It even has cartoons and humorous posters.

The Community Association Law Blog
By Donna DiMaggio Berger
This blog deals with condo legal issues along the American east coast.
A very nive site.

The Condo & HOA Law Bulletin
This is a very nice blog on Florida condo & HOA legal issues.

Law Offices of Herb M. Milgrim P.A.
The Law Offices of Herb Milgrim, P.A.  is a Florida Condo Owner Law Firm that fights for Condo Owners rights in some of the most heavily populated areas like Miami, Aventura and Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Palm Beach.

The Law Office of J. Patrick Sutton PLLC
A very good website from a small law firm in Austin Texas. It has good advice for condo and HOA owners fighting their boards.

Check out the "Issues Blog".

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