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Legal references
Ontario Condominium Act 1998
The Act is online for easy reference.
Service Ontario

Ontario Condominium Act 1990
This Act was repealed in May 2001. What is very interesting is Sections 56, 57 & 58 which should have given condo owners a Condominium Ontario (condo office) and a cheap and quick disputes mechanism.
Service Ontario

Canadian Legal Information Institute
A wealth of legal information in various databases including Superior Court and Human Right Tribunal decisions across the country.

Law Help
What is Pro Bono Law Ontario? Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO) is the legal profession’s response to unmet civil legal needs. PBLO is a registered charity formed in 2001. PBLO creates and manages projects that make it easier for low-income Ontarian residents to get the legal help they need – free of charge – and for lawyers to give back to the community.

National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP)
I am posting this site, with reservations, as I advise everyone involved in a condominium dispute to get advice from a lawyer who is experienced in condominium law.

Law firm blogs—Ontario
The Ontario Condo Law Blog
Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP

Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP

Condominium Management Law Blog
Robson Carpenter LLP
An informative blog written by Michelle Kelly.

My Favourite Condo Lessons of 2016

Condo Law Blog
Fine and Deo Barristers and Solicitors
This blog has some good information.

Hosted by Elia Associates
An excellent reading room highly recommended for all condo owners.

MT Condo Law Ontario
Miller Thomson Lawyers

Clifton Kok LLP Legal Counsel
Ayr Ontario

Hosted by Clifton Kok LLP, Condopædia contains a collection of short explanations about key topics relating to condominiums in Ontario.

The Bill 106 Blog
Clifton Kok LLP has a very good blog on the changes to Ontario's Condominium Act made by Bill 106.

Condo Know How
Clifton Kok LLP hosts "Memoranda & Publications" which has a wealth of information for condo directors and owners.

The Estates Nutshell
Clifton Kok LLP reminds us that we really do need a will and gives their readers a clear and concise discussion of issues relating to estate planning and administration in Ontario.

Our articles on Condominium Law
Nelligan O'Brien Payne
This is an excellent site.

Rutherford & Mathews
A full service condo law firm.

Adam Zasada's Ontario Construction and Litigation Blog
Here is a blog that should interest condo owners who have water leakage problems and concerns of poor construction or renovations.

Lash Condo Law
An informative blog by Lash Condo Law.

News and Articles
Pallett Valo LLP
This site, from a law firm in Peel Region has a few articles of interest
for condo directors.

Chappell Partners LLP
3310 – 20 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario  M5H 3R3
Tel:      416.351.0005

Cohen Highley LLP
A law firm bases in western Ontario, they have some very interesting articles for condominium owners.

Newspaper columns

Reasonable doubt
Now Magazine
Timothy Duggan is a condominium lawyer and civil litigator with Horlick Levitt Di Lella LLP. Reasonable Doubt appears on Mondays. You can contact him on Twitter at @timmyd_  and tell him what you would like to read about in future columns.

Armand Conant In The News

Mediation & arbitration & small claims
Jeanette Bicknell Ph.D., Q. Med.
Mediator. Her practice areas include art, education, employment, condominium and workplace disputes.

A very informative website for all condo owners.

Condominium Alternative Dispute Resolution
A website selling mediator and arbitrator services.

Small claims court
Mr. Small Claims Court
A website selling an e-book and advice by
Jordan Farkas, Lawyer and Author of the
“Ontario Small Claims Court Handbook“

A guide to small claims court
Amer Mushtaq is a Toronto-based lawyer with nearly a decade of legal experience has an on-line course on understanding how to file and argue your small claims applications. The price is $199.

It should be of help to someone who doesn't understand the system and has been served or wants to start their own small claims action.

However, if an owner is involved in a dispute with a condo board, I would urge you to pay for at least one consultation with a lawyer who specializes in condo law because condo law is complicated and getting an expert's advice would be prudent.

British Columbia
Civil Resolution Tribunal decisions

Law firm blogs—BC
Strata Alerts
Hosted by Lesperance Mendes Lawyers, Vancouver British Columbia

This is a very interesting site dealing with judgments on condo issues in the BC courts. BC uses the term strata where in Ontario we use the term condo.

Strata Law Guide
A free resource from Vancouver strata lawyer Neil Mangan

The Condominium Manual
The Condominium Manual is a comprehensive plain-language guide to strata law and condominium ownership in British Columbia.

This guide is available online as a subscription or as a book.

Strata Property Act   Resources and Guides
Information that is on the BC government website.

Law firm websites—Alberta
Miller Thomson
Robert Noce

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