Owner's responsibilities
Does a condo owner have to provide an emergency key?
Titleholders best interest to make sure HOAs have all their addresses
Didn't pay your HOA assessments? Get ready for steep penalties
Does a seller have an obligation to inform buyer about a noisy neighbor?
Suing your board without an attorney — think twice first
Be careful when writing e-mails that may be used in court

Boards of directors
Board sabotaged association bank account, obstructed treasurer
Homeowner association must not let the manager control it
Condo directors can’t delegate duties to property managers
This HOA speech-chilling anti-harassment rule is fraught with problems
Can homeowner boards hold frequent 'emergency' meetings?
Damage caused by a common-area source is association's responsibility
Directors acting as property managers can pose a liability threat
Hiring a property management company
Better for a condo to have its own attorney than one with a conflict

When management hanky-panky is suspected, hire a forensic auditor
Homeowner association manager has anger management issues
Manager tells directors what to say & how to vote during board mtgs
Contractor owned by management company creates a conflict of interest
Titleholders can get restitution from bad management

The limits of homeowner's insurance at a homeowners association
Is an $11-million termite job legit or a scam targeting the elderly?
Freedom of speech doesn't end when entering a homeowner association

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