Short-term rentals /Airbnb

Airbnb offers lifeline to beleaguered renters
Rented house turned into a rooming house
Airbnb causing condo conflict in Vancouver
Inside one of Richmond's growing number of illegal hotels
Toronto shuts down short-term rentals on Dundas St. over safety fears
Airbnb’s opaque city tax schemes are facing fresh scrutiny
Toronto condo dwellers fight the short-term rental boom
Airbnb doesn’t play fair, say Toronto hotels
Diane Francis: It’s time to clean up the so-called ‘sharing’ economy
Gunshots, home ‘destroyed’ at 2 short-term rentals since Thursday
Hosting an Airbnb squatter
Florida condo buyer sues seller and broker—claims misrepresentations
Neighbours' lives turned upside down by Airbnb and other 'disruptors'
Private Eye receives 'hundreds' of cases about secret recording devices
Airbnb renters using basement to distribute drugs
Airbnb rentals used for human trafficking, Toronto police say
Hell’s Kitchen condo residents are rebelling against its ‘creepy’ boss
Vancouver strata blames Airbnb guests for theft, vandalism & rowdyism
7 reasons to never host on AirBNB
Toronto short-term rental condo shooting             Part 1
Man shot in chest at downtown Toronto condo   Part 2

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